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Oscar Predictions: The “Other” Best Pictures

By  · Published on February 24th, 2007

Earlier today I laid down the groundwork for what may be my most prolific year of Oscar predictions. I feel confident in the sense that this year I have seen the highest number of nominated flicks in comparison with years past. Thus my opinions can be more solid, calculated predictions rather than a mess of guesswork — I save all of that for my reviews. But enough of that self deprecating drivel, let’s get on with the good stuff:

Best Animated Film of the Year
Who Will Win:
Happy Feet
Who Should Win: Cars

Here is a very difficult category for me. I love almost every sleek animated film that is released. I am able to look past gaping plot holes, massively over-used clich┬ęs and even some lame characters in order to see a film that looks cool. While all three of the nominated flicks look cool, though, I can say that Cars was really the show stopper of the year. Pixar’s glorious return to power in the world of animation sported a good story, a kickin’ soundtrack and that patented Pixar look and feel. Happy Feet, while a good film in it’s own right, was just too much of a song and dance and not enough substance. But then again, those Academy members are suckers for a good song and dance every once in a while.

Best Documentary, Features
Who Will Win:
An Inconvenient Truth
Who Should Win: An Inconvenient Truth

Hollywood has really developed a thing for Al Gore. They liked him back in 2000 when he ran for President, but as we saw then — that didn’t amount to much. His film has garnered plenty of acclaim from people who really enjoy a good classroom setting, and his “performance” was the funniest work he has done to date. Where was all this wit and charisma when America needed it, Al? His film is the standout amongst the left-winged, tree hugging wannabe pundits of Hollywood — and if nothing else, they will be giving him an Oscar just to see if he will really announce his candidacy for the 2008 election. I don’t think he will, but I do know that his speech will be monotone.

Best Foreign Language Film of the Year
Who Will Win:
Pan’s Labyrinth
Who Should Win: Letters from Iwo Jima

This is where I will get myself into a bit of trouble. I do understand that Letters from Iwo Jima is not nominated in this category. My argument is that it is a film in Japanese, which can also be construed as a “foreign” language, thus making it a “foreign language” film. It needs to be taken out of the Best Picture race and placed in the proper category. Since that is not going to happen, Pan’s Labyrinth is the obvious choice here.

There you have it — short, sweet and to the point — just the way I like it. As I retire for the evening I am reminded of all the reason’s why you should come back to my blog tomorrow and gaze at the wonder that is The Columbus Movie Guy. On tap, I have more Oscar frenzy (including my picks for the Acting Categories, Best Director and Best Picture), reviews for The Number 23 and Reno 911!: Miami and maybe even a very exciting announcement involving the upcoming release of 300 combined with some free stuff for you. You may want to come back for that last part, at least.

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