New ‘Star Wars’ Films Will Rule Your Summers For the Forseeable Future

By  · Published on April 17th, 2013

Did you think that the summer blockbuster movie season was full enough already? Not sure you could handle another major release? Had your fill of superheroes and sci-fi and comic books? Too bad.

While we’ve long known that the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII installment would likely hit in the summer of 2015, news at Cinema Con reveals that Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm are just going whole hog on the entire thing and taking over summers with new Star Wars for the foreseeable future. Both ComingSoon and FirstShowing report that Episode VII will indeed hit theaters sometime in the summer of 2015, and that it will be followed every summer thereafter by a new Star Wars film, with the new traditional Star Wars eps alternating with those standalone character-centric films we’ve all been chattering about. While we know that we’re getting a new trilogy, we’re still not sure of how many standalone films we’re going to be getting, so it’s probably best just to block off your summers for the next decade or so. You weren’t busy, right?

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