New ‘Immortals’ Trailer Picks a Classic Hero for a New Battle

By  · Published on August 17th, 2011

Director Tarsem Singh (or, as he tends to go by, just the single and crazy chic “Tarsem”) has just two features under his belt (The Cell and The Fall), yet he is already known for his distinct visual style that places a premium on color and costuming. It seemed like a no-brainer that the helmer would get picked up for a 300-styled flick with a historical setting. Thus, Immortals. We got a look at the film’s teaser back in April, then Tarsem himself talked to Jack about it during Comic-Con, but the actual plot of Immortals has remained relatively veiled. Tarsem told Jack that the film is “a big epic journey,” but what the hell does that actually mean?

This next trailer for the film finally clarifies the Henry Cavill-starring film’s plot, and really, thank God for that, because everyone knows that plot is what epic scale historical action films in 3D really rely on to be giant hits at the box office. That said, the film tells the story (thanks, voiceover!) of a battle between humans and titans. What’s a titan? Titans are former gods who lost out in a battle with all of those other, sexier gods and who were then cast down to Earth to be locked up in a mountain or something equally as boring. The idea sticks close enough to that of classic Greek mythology, so, you know, good job, Tarsem. When the titans attempt to rise up against the mortal world, the gods dispatch young Theseus (Cavill) to wage war against the titans. Theseus is actually a pretty standard hero in Greek mythology, one of those part-human, part-immortal kids that just ran wild in ye old Greek-y times. You may recognize him from such stories as “The One Where Theseus Kills the Marathonian Bull” or “The One Where Theseus Kills the Minotaur.” Basically, if you needed someone to kill a beastie, it was good to call up Theseus, so, you know, good job, Greek gods.

In keeping with all of the other marketing we’ve seen for Immortals, the film looks to be packed with all sorts of crazy visuals, with an eye to slow-motion action mixed with wide-scale battles, and lots and lots of pretty colors to make it all look artsy.

Immortals opens on November 11. [MSN]