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21 Great Gifts for the Movie Obsessed

Let’s worship at the altar of physical media and discover a few new obsessions like Squeak the Mouse!
Gifts For Movie Lovers
By  · Published on November 24th, 2021

JAWS Board Game

Jaws Board Game

The Jaws tabletop strategy game from Ravensburger got my wife and me through the lockdown. It’s designed for four players, with one person taking on the great white shark’s persona as the other three inhabit Quint, Brodie, and Hooper. However, you can easily adapt the game to beast vs. people with little entertainment lost. Actually, there’s probably an increase in mischievous glee when played this way.

The game is broken into two parts. For the first stage of the hunt, the three humans search for the shark while the shark searches for stupid vacationers to munch on. When either group succeeds in its mission, you flip the game board over and discover the Orca. It’s time to make Bruce the shark smile like the son of a bitch he is, or it’s time for Bruce to gnash Quint’s gang into chum.

Movie-themed board games are all the rage right now, and I’ve tried many of them. Friday the 13th and Big Trouble in Little China are another pair I’d recommend, but Jaws is tops, and it’s all the better when played while watching the movie. You will get your $39.99 value.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space 20 oz. Coffee Mug

Killer Klowns From Outer Space Coffee Mug
Spirit Halloween

I don’t know about you, but I need a big bastard mug of coffee to kickstart my morning. This 20 oz. ceramic terror wearing a Killer Klown from Outer Space face gets the job done and then some. As you’re chugging down your dirt water, you might even hear calliopes cooing and smell cotton candy on the wind. Kick it up a notch by drinking your bean juice through a crazy straw. Now, you should know, this sinful $13 goblet can be tricky to hunt down, but if you look in the right places, you will find it. Special shout out to Megan Navarro from Bloody Disgusting for introducing me to this wicked wonder through her Twitter feed.

The Gate Minion Mini Figure

Justin Ishmael The Gate Figure Movie Gift Guide
Justin Ishmael

Movie maniacs love Mondo. Whether poster, vinyl, or toy, we battle each other over every release. You’ll find their products on nearly every movie-themed holiday gift guide. You don’t need me to tell you about them, but you may not be aware that former Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael branched out as his own eccentric toy designer. With his company ISH, he’s released several nifty and officially licensed figures, including designs inspired by Ray Harryhausen monsters and the Tarman from Return of the Living Dead.

His latest treasure is a mini-figure based on the hellish minions that terrorized the ’80s classic The Gate. Sculpted by KreatureKid and priced at $20, the 3″ critter is the perfect desk buddy to stand guard by your laptop. Not everyone will recognize the beastie, but those that do will immediately clock the owner as a proper VHS aficionado. Cool points scored.

Naughty or Nice Krampus Figures

Krampus Fresh Monkey Fiction Figures
Fresh Monkey Fiction

Somewhere in this guide, I needed to sneak in some ho-ho-horror. While these BigBadToyStore exclusive Naughty or Nice Krampus action figures from Fresh Monkey Fiction are not technically based on any movie property, there is no doubt that any creepo who appreciates the Michael Dougherty film dealing with this particular x-mas beast would squee upon receiving them. Each figure stands 6.5″ and comes equipped with a cloak, stocking, present, two lumps of coal, a naughty or nice list, a glass of milk, and two cookies.

Hot Wheels: The Batman’s Batmobile

The Batman Hot Wheels Movie Gift Guide

I’m a person with many yearnings. Batman is one of them, and folded into that addiction is a secondary hunger for Batmobiles. Hot Wheels have produced numerous iterations covering nearly every era of the Caped Crusader. Mostly, they’re cheap $5 purchases, and I have them lining our fireplace mantel. Yes, I am that cool.

With the new Matt Reeves flick nearly upon us, we’re already getting a slew of new merchandise. And, yes, you can get your basic Hot Wheels Batmobile for a few bucks, but if you’re in the mood to cancel groceries for a month or two, consider dropping a load on this high-end replica of The Batman‘s Batmobile. Mattel Collector originally offered this black beauty for $500, and it sold out lickety-split. Unfortunately, that means the aftermarket is your next target, and prices can increase in that hellhole.

I’m sorry for including a nearly ungettable item; if I must suffer, you must suffer. Honestly, the normal Hot Wheels Batmobiles are super rad and much more affordable. Go grab Robert Pattinson’s tiny toy car, and while you’re at it, score Ben Affleck’s ride and George Clooney’s ride and Val Kilmer’s ride. It’s easy enough to put your micro Bat-Cave together for a reasonable price.

Star Wars The Black Series Rancor

Star Wars Black Series Rancor

If you still have a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket, consider backing the latest HasLab project, The Black Series Rancor. But you better act quickly. You only have two weeks to spend your $349. For those not familiar with the way HasLab works, it’s a crowdfunded project, where Phil Tippett’s One Perfect Monster contender will only see realization if Hasbro collects 9,000 backers. But this is Star Wars, gang. They’re already halfway there, and this glorious toy will become a reality.

The Black Series Rancor is 27″ tall (with arms overhead) and features a wingspan of 47″. That’s not your daddy’s Kenner toy. It’s the largest Star Wars figure ever produced, and it’s flexing 45 points of articulation. And yes, that’s in scale with the typical 6″ Black Series figures, so this Rancor can happily munch on your Gamorrean Guards.

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