Joan Allen Enters Into One Heck of An Unholy Matrimony in Stephen King’s ‘A Good Marriage’

By  · Published on September 11th, 2012

Joan Allen Enters Into One Heck of An Unholy Matrimony in Stephen King’s ‘A Good Marriage’

Looks like yet another Stephen King adaptation is on its way (this one joins the in-production Carrie, the still-up-for-grabs The Dark Tower, that apparent two-film It adaptation, the long-rumored The Stand remake, and maybe even an Under the Dome series and a few Rose Madder films, just for fun) to theaters, but this one is a much less well-known property that has a far more homegrown sense of terror to it than some of those old King classics.

THR reports that Joan Allen will star in A Good Marriage, which King has adapted from his own novella. Peter Askin (Trumbo, Searching for Certainty) will direct the film, which comes from King’s 2010 short story collection “Full Dark, No Stars.” Shockingly, it’s not really a story about a good marriage.

Allen will star as Darcy Anderson, one-half of a seemingly normal and well-adjusted couple. Darcy and her husband, Bob, live and work together in relative harmony until one night, when a solitary Darcy uncovers a shocking secret about her husband. Can you guess what it is? Are you ready? It’s that he’s a serial killer! Unexpected! King himself has said that the story is loosely based on that of the BTK Killer, and it imagines that Darcy strikes up an actually unexpected deal with her hubby that has, yup, unexpected consequences.

Askin previously directed a stage production of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, a musical that King wrote with songs by John Mellencamp (a production I previously had no knowledge of, and am now obsessed with). The film is set to start shooting in New York next month.

You can read an excerpt from the story over at the official site for “Full Dark, No Stars,” right HERE.