International Trailer for ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ Will Rule Out Child-Rearing as a Fun Life…

By  · Published on August 9th, 2011

International Trailer for ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ Will Rule Out Child-Rearing as a Fun Life Choice

After nearly a decade out of the cinematic limelight, director Lynne Ramsay returned to the film world with her Cannes Film Festival entry, We Need to Talk About Kevin. The film drew stellar reviews at the fest, with most people pointing squarely at Tilda Swinton’s performance as one to watch. The film was also nominated for the Palme d’Or, which it lost to The Tree of Life. Simon saw the film at Cannes and gave it an A-, with his review paying particular attention to the strengths of the film’s performances, and adding to the kudos heaped on Swinton’s performance.

The film tells the story of Swinton and John C. Reilly’s characters, a regular married couple who have a not-so-regular son in the titular Kevin. Classy festival terminology aside ‐ Kevin is a Grade A whack job, a nutcase of the highest order, an utterly terrifying child who grows up to be an even more unnerving teenager. And if the few glimpses we get at Ezra Miller’s dead-eyed stare are any indication of his performance in the film, it looks like his eldest incarnation of Kevin will join the pantheon of all-time cinematic creepsters. Basically, watching this trailer will make you never want to have children ‐ ever. You’ll never be able hear a baby cry without listening for a sinister lilt underneath the howls ever again. Fine, you should probably just never have sex ever again, because you may spawn something like Kevin. Consider it birth control by way of movie marketing, because yowww, that kid is not right.

The trailer plays almost like one for a horror film ‐ starting out with giggles and bouncy music, before slowly collapsing into tense situations set to sharp and jarring strings. Why do we need to talk about Kevin? Because he’s clearly a sociopath. Also, every time he looks at me, I want to take a shower and buy a gun for self-protection. The trailer also does a fair job of not giving too much away; though the film comes from some wildly popular source material in Lionel Shriver’s book of the same name, this trailer should not spoil anyone who doesn’t already know just what Kevin is capable of doing (which is to say, he’s capable of worse things than jamming his computer with boring, white bread porn that his mom will eventually find).

We Need to Talk About Kevin will open in limited release on December 2. [BleedingCool]

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