‘Godzilla’ International Trailer: Let Them Fight

By  · Published on April 29th, 2014

Warner Bros.

If you’ve appreciated the tact taken with the Godzilla marketing so far, how we haven’t really seen much of the monster, you might not want to watch the new international trailer. If you want to know as little as possible before the remake arrives in theaters, just close this post and go read about our favorite movies of the Tribeca Film Festival (or jump over to Nonfics for the documentary version of that list) or anything else.

But if you’ve been dying to see some prehistoric giant monster action, then today is your lucky day. If you aren’t afraid to know what this new Godzilla is all about, keep on reading this post until you get to that embedded motion picture box and click on the play icon. I’ll join you again on the other side.

So that’s what this movie is, a goddamn Godzilla sequel, sorta. Also, it might just be the movie that Pacific Rim wishes it was, sorta. Hell, yes! I know there has been some info out there about the plot of Gareth Edwards’s transition from Monsters to King of the Monsters, but this trailer provides the best details about how that story plays out. Yeah, it’s probably pretty spoilery, but it’s also pretty awesome.

Let me see if I can gather the gist of it: there’s some sort of giant egg or cocoon, it hatches and unleashes the flying “Mutos,” and then Godzilla is called upon to save us from these creatures. And at the end we have Ken Watanabe informing us that it’s their battle, to “let them fight.” I guess the human actors are just there to speak the exposition and save little children here and there.

Also in that new trailer is some hydrogen bomb “test” footage from the 1954 action, when the U.S. got rid of Godzilla during his last appearance and a tsunami in Japan, the total cause of which I don’t think is known (we see that there is a 6.3 earthquake, but did something else cause that?). Oh, and we get better looks at both the Mutos and Godzilla himself.

Even with all this much more shown to us, there is still a whole lot we’re not seeing, and so I’m not sorry for unwrapping another piece of the present. Godzilla is one of the few movies I’m highly anticipating this summer, and so far I’m still both impressed and intrigued.

Godzilla opens in only two and a half weeks, on May 16th.

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