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Game of Thrones: Seven Great Parodies for Seven Kingdoms

By  · Published on April 8th, 2015


All this week we are going to be talking about Game of Thrones in anticipation of the show’s return this coming Sunday. Much of it is serious – including yesterday’s piece about book spoilers and my forthcoming review of season five’s opening episodes (tomorrow) – but today is all about the fun stuff. We’re going to explore some of the best fan theories (complete with visual aids) a little bit later. But first, Parodies are Coming.

If we can’t have a good laugh about the wide world of Westeros, well then what are we doing there? If your answer is “experiencing a tidal wave of pain and sadness after every character we love is killed,” you might be correct. I’m still not happy about the loss of Prince Oberyn Martell, The Red Viper, Prince of Dorne, and I knew it was coming because I have read the books. This show is torture but your Wednesday doesn’t have to be. So we’re exploring seven of the best Game of Thrones parodies to ever hit the Internet. We begin with Westeros’ worst dinner party guest…

Jon Snow at a Dinner Party

The latest great Game of Thrones parody – and the one that inspired today’s list – comes from Late Nite with Seth Meyers. You can’t take Jon Snow anywhere…

Medievel Land Fun-Time World

A Bad Lip Reading take on Westeros. Poor Eddie Stark, he’s in for the roughest summer on record.

Blank Page

Have you seen the Taylor Swift video for “Blank Page”? It’s something else. This parody from Nerdist carries on the spirit of crazy people by exposing George R.R. Martin’s real love: killing everyone you love. Poor everyone.

The Wiener Song

This Game of Thrones title theme parody from South Park is part of a very funny trilogy of episodes around Black Friday. Easily the best part is Butters explaining how Thrones isn’t about dragons, it’s about wieners. When they finally meet George R.R. Martin, his suspicions are realized. A fun song that includes major pre-season 4 spoiler (thanks, South Park). That said, I have a feeling that season five will be Butters’ favorite season, by far. Because dragons.

Game of Chairs

“The monster is blue and full of errors.” This recently released parody from the folks at Sesame Street may the most charming and kid-friendly thing ever associated with Game of Thrones. Learning to count the thrones is far less bloody in Jesteros.

Game of Thrones in 16-Bit

From College Humor, a 16-bit rendering of the first season of Game of Thrones. It’s really the sad tale of that poor actor who lasted all of about 3-minutes on the show. We’ve learned so much since then, but one thing remains: all men must die.

It Gets Better

From Second City, an “It Gets Better” ad made for those who have been a little down ever since the events of The Red Wedding. Or the events of last season, perhaps (I still love you, Oberyn!) Just remember that no matter what happens as we move forth in season five, it gets better.


Probably not.

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