See How 'Game of Thrones' Filmed Its Epic Sea Battle

Known as 'Battling the Silence,' the closing action sequence of 'Stormborn' was one of the most chaotic, impressive 'Game of Thrones' action sequences yet.

Yara Theon Greyjoy Game Of Thrones Season Episode

Known as ‘Battling the Silence,’ the closing action sequence of ‘Stormborn’ was one of the most chaotic, impressive ‘Game of Thrones’ action sequences yet.

There are a few very impressive tidbits in the video below, a new behind the scenes look at how Game of Thrones pulled off this past week’s big sea battle. None of which is the fact that most of it was filmed in a parking lot. What’s most impressive is the attention to detail and realism while still keeping the actors in a safe work environment. Actress Keisha Castle-Hughes notes that set designers placed chicken wire along the ship’s deck to ensure that, even though they were dousing it with water, the actors wouldn’t slide around. The other is the “ember cannons” the production used to spray little smoldering bits through the air. This created some of the sequences epic shots, including the close-ups between Theon, Yara, and Euron that bring the emotion of the scene home.

It’s also worth appreciating the attention to design. As showrunner Dan Weiss notes, a lot of thought went into building a ship for Euron that would be imposing. It’s part of the character’s evolution from a swarthy uncle in season 6 to full-on psychopath in season 7. For fans of Euron from the books, yours truly included, this is the version of the Crow’s Eye that we’ve wanted. He’s the ultimate bully, an unstoppable force on the high seas, and a real loose cannon.

Below, a look at how it all came together, complete with a 60-foot green screen, a big “fuck you boat,” and a machine gun pace:

And for good measure, here’s the final scene:


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