Flesh And Blood ‘Mulan’ Coming To DVD/Blu-ray This Summer

By  · Published on May 28th, 2010

If you only know the story of Mulan from Disney’s 1998 animated film then you are missing out… not because Disney’s movie is bad but because that chick isn’t real. You know who is real? Vicki Zhao Wei. She’s a fantastic actress and and energetic martial artist probably best known to Western audiences for Shaolin Soccer. Most of her roles have relegated her to the sidekick or love interest, but she’s finally getting a chance to shine as the title character in a big, live-action epic retelling of Mulan and it’s coming to DVD and Blu-ray in the UK this summer. Check out the new trailer below.

You knew there was going to be a shot showing a sky full of arrows right? The movie looks entertaining and loaded with big battle action, and of course Zhao looks beautiful kicking ass. Here’s the official synopsis.

Braveheart meets An Empress And The Warriors in Mulan, a lavish, live-action period epic that breathes vibrant new life into the inspirational Chinese legend.

Directed by Jingle Ma (Seoul Raiders, Silver Hawk, Tokyo Raiders) and starring Vicki Zhao (Red Cliff, 14 Blades, Shaolin Soccer) and Jaycee Chan (Twins Effect 2), the son of martial arts legend Jackie Chan, Mulan is an extravagant, action-packed spectacle that tells a story of unequalled heroism and undying love set against the thrilling backdrop of a bloody war fought between rival warrior tribes and dynasties. When the emperor issues a decree that all families in the Northern Province must defend their homeland against the barbarian Rouran hordes, Mulan, a young girl from a military family without a male heir, disguises herself as a male soldier and enlists in the army rather than expose her aging father to the horrors of the battlefield. As the conflict develops and the invading armies close in, Mulan’s remarkable courage and insights into the art of war see her elevated through the ranks until she is promoted to the position of general, establishing herself as a true military leader willing to sacrifice everything to defend her nation and bring honour to her family. Her only weakness is her affection for one of her comrades, Wentei (Chen Kun), a fellow general who realises that their mutual emotional attachment could lead to their downfall on the battlefield.

Awe-inspiring, compelling and filled with astonishing action-sequences, Mulan is both a moving romance and an exhilarating and brutal action-adventure of epic proportions.”

CineAsia is releasing Mulan in the UK on June 21st on a two-disc Ultimate Edition DVD and (single-disc) Blu-ray. Both will include two behind the scenes featurettes, interviews, and English subtitles. Click the links to pre-order either from AmazonUK. There’s currently no scheduled US edition.

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