Fix Your Case of the Mondays With Adorable ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Game

By  · Published on June 11th, 2012

Disney’s upcoming animated arcade game adventure, Wreck-It Ralph, is in the unique position of already looking totally adorable as is and having a premise that lends itself to still more charming marketing ventures. The film features the voice of John C. Reilly as the eponymous Ralph, an arcade game baddie who is sick to death of smashing and crashing things. Ralph “lives” in a game called Fix-It Felix Jr., which should clue you in to who the supposed real star of his entire universe is (hint ‐ it’s Jack McBrayer’s goody-two-shoes, Felix). When Ralph decides to break out of his game, there are some very unexpected consequences (and, of course, lots of fun and plenty of nods to classic games, as we saw in the film’s first trailer).

That said, of course Disney has crafted an actual version of Fix-It Felix Jr. that we can all play from home and of course it’s a heck of a lot of old school fun. Play the game for yourself right HERE. Hope your space bar finger is ready!

Wreck-It Ralph smashes into theaters on November 22nd. [Disney, via AICN and FirstShowing]

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