The ‘Ferdinand’ Trailer is All About John Cena

Is there even another reason to see this film? Maybe “original music by Nick Jonas.”
By  · Published on September 20th, 2017

Is there even another reason to see this film? Maybe “original music by Nick Jonas.”

It seems as though studios are reaching every which way with animated films of late. Just about any topic imaginable is animatableĀ (I know, not a word) of course, but many seem to only want to do the bare minimum to generate hype. And even if it isn’t something as drastic as a movie about emojis, sometimes the only thing you can do to promote a movie is to fill your trailer with clips of John Cena talking. There might be some footage of an actual movie in there, but Cena explaining what that movie is about is equally influential. That’s certainly what the new Ferdinand trailer is like.

We’ve labeled Ferdinand “The Extra One” in our Dad’s Guide to the Kids and Family Films of Fall 2017, and this trailer proves that such an assessment is likely correct. The entire premise of the movie surrounds a misunderstood bull. Despite his size and strength, Ferdinand isn’t really intimidating at all. All expectations of him to be a violent Spanish Fighting Bull are completely off base, when all he wants to do is be a loving, flower-smelling pet.

No surprise that the real selling point here is Cena’s involvement. Ferdinand is just the next step in his acting career, for which he’s carved himself a niche in the comedy genre. He has certainly hasĀ the skill for it, as demonstrated in films like Trainwreck, and will likely bring a level of lovability to this animated picture. Backing him up is some serious talent too: Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live), Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin), and David Tennant (Doctor Who) are just some of the star-studded cast bolstering the feel-good narrative.

Ferdinand hits screens December 15.

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