Experience Sundance 2012: The Final Countdown

By  · Published on January 30th, 2012

Here’s all you really need to know – after last night’s Closing Night Party, also known as Nerd Prom, your intrepid Lady Rejects caught three hours of sleep before we had to be up, about, and on a shuttle to the Salt Lake City airport. Ugly? You can’t even imagine how ugly. But, somehow, we made it, despite chatty shuttle drivers, breakfast sandwiches from Quizno’s, yet another tiny plane, and Allison eventually resting her body on the floor of the American Airliness terminal at LAX.

I’ve spent the day resting, eating a burrito (who knew that good Mexican food was so hard to find in Park City? I did. I knew.), hanging out with my cats, and wrapping up the rest of our festival coverage. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t already miss it, and I can only hope that you dear readers enjoyed following along with us, reading our reviews, and wondering just how the hell we landed all those sweet interviews.

Thank you to everyone who made our Sundance experience so wonderful, amusing, and productive – if your name popped up in any of our daily diaries, this thank you goes doubly for you. Special mention must be made to our wonderful condo-mates: William Goss, Eric Snider, Jordan Raup, Dan Mecca, Raffi Asdourian, and Rudie Obias. If you need still more Sundance coverage, I’ll direct you to their various outlets: MSN Movies, Film.com, The Film Stage, and Shock Ya. Pay them a visit. And, if you’ve got the time, check out some of our other pals over at /Film, Movies.com, Cinema Blend, Movieline, Collider, and The Playlist.

But, of course, the biggest thank you of all goes out to our very own Neil Miller and Cole Abaius for sending us, and for Robert Levin and Kevin Kelly for adding immeasurably to our coverage. Let’s do it again next year.

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Snuggle up with the rest of our Sundance 2012 coverage

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