Everything We Learned About The Future of Superhero Movies and TV Shows at Comic-Con 2017

Marvel and DC delight fans with their upcoming Superhero slates.
By  · Published on July 24th, 2017

Marvel and DC delight fans with their upcoming Superhero slates.

San Diego Comic-Con never fails to deliver spectacular hype for all things superhero. This year is no different with Marvel and DC showing up to showcase the future of their cinematic universe plans, while simultaneously easing fans fears over outrageous rumors. Both studios offered plenty of exclusive previews, leaked footage, and hilarious moments so let’s get right down into it.

Marvel is full speed ahead toward Infinity War

Marvel wasted no time getting to the heavy hitters with unleashing a brand new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. The first trailer left a lot of open questions, but really did a wonderful job of showing director Taika Waititi’s signature flair. This new footage details what exactly we can expect from the movie. This isn’t so much a Thor film as it is a Thor and Hulk film. The two heroes are going to team up with Loki and newcomer Valkyrie (Creed‘s Tessa Thompson) to take on Hela (Cate Blanchet), the goddess of death. Apparently, Hela is a pretty big deal because she easily destroys Mjolnir and is trying to bring about Ragnarok which would be the end of Asgard. 

There were plenty of other character reveals including Surtur who looks like the cousin of Lord of the Rings Balrog who will be the fray when Ragnarok is finally going down. If you’ve gotten this far and haven’t checked out the full trailer, what are you waiting for?

Thor was only the beginning of the Marvel storm of information. More information was revealed about the first Captian Marvel film starring Brie Larson. According to Variety, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige was on hand and let it be known that Captian Marvel will take place in the 90s. This means her adventure will pre-date anything to do with The Avengers. Tony Stark will not be Iron Man yet, Captain America will still be a frozen popsicle, and Spider-Man will likely still be a toddler.

While none of those characters will appear in the Captain Marvel solo outing, there will be one returning favorite. Nick Fury will be featured in the film alongside Captain Marvel and we’ll discover just how he got that eyepatch. The likely villains for the feature will be The Skrulls, who are a big deal for the MCU because they have been in countless comics over the decades. They are shapeshifting extraterrestrials hell-bent on invading Earth. So they don’t sound that much different than countless other villains, but they have become one of Marvel’s signature enemies and their inclusion in Captain Marvel will be a joy to behold.

Marvel also elected to show the audience of SDCC some exclusive footage from Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. It is likely that we will see some of this new Black Panther footage officially released by Marvel, it is unlikely we will see an official release of the Avengers: Infinity War footage. Marvel did release a brand new poster for Infinity War and there are some definite cosmetic changes to our favorite Marvel superheroes.

The poster was created by Ryan Meinerding who is the Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development and completely epic. There are so many little clues about who is going to be appearing in Infinity War and in what shape.

That was the heavy hitters from Marvel’s movie division, but their Television division had some new trailers and information of their own.

Marvel TV showcases two wildly different series

First up was the second trailer everyone who has been following Marvel’s Netflix franchises has been waiting for. More footage from Marvel’s Defenders series that will see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist unite was revealed.

Even if the individual series were all ranging in various degrees of quality, there is no denying the fun of seeing everyone team up for a common cause. The Defenders will be hitting Netflix on August 18th, so it won’t be too long now.

The other Marvel TV trailer was for Marvel’s Inhumans. Remember how this was originally going to be a movie within the MCU and got tossed around? Well, Marvel has been releasing more and more of this adaptation and well…

This is a lot better than the first trailer they showed. It still shows some wooden dialog from Ramsay B…Iwan Rheon, but it focuses a lot more on the action and well IMAX presentation. This launches in September so we’ll be seeing this very soon as well.

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