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Edgar Wright is Making a Rock Doc

Wright’s first documentary project, about the band Sparks, makes perfect sense.
By  · Published on June 26th, 2018

Wright’s first documentary project, about the band Sparks, makes perfect sense.

There has been much discussion about how Edgar Wright would follow-up last year’s Baby Driver, from rumblings of a sequel to that film to speculation about a fourth Cornetto movie. But few would have imagined the visionary director would be lining up a documentary about the 1970s pop-rock band Sparks. However, as reported by IndieWire, such a project is indeed in development.

While many of us are pleased to have an announcement of anything Wright is working on, others are puzzled by this move. Sparks may have earned a cult following in their many active years, but the group hasn’t had the same mainstream success as their contemporaries. While the new Freddie Mercury and Queen biopic has many people talking, the promise of seeing Sparks’ story may seem less enticing. Which is exactly why this should be essential viewing.

Unlike many bands of that era, Sparks’ history is not one the general public is likely familiar with. The band has continued to evolve and change their sound since the ’70s, working with a number of high-profile names. Collaborations with the likes of Giorgio Moroder and Franz Ferdinand have only added to their cult following over the years. While many of their contemporaries burned out in a short space of time, Sparks adapted to each new decade.

If you’ve been following Wright’s social media accounts closely, this news shouldn’t be entirely surprising. As pointed out by /Film, the director recently shot one of the band’s shows in London, indicating that the project has been in development for some time now. And if you’ve ever checked out Wright’s end of year Spotify playlists (where I first heard Sparks), you’ll know why his passion for music will make this a must-watch.

This news should also not be surprising to anybody who’s followed the director’s career closely. Much has already been said about the use of music in Wright’s films. He’s framed numerous iconic scenes around songs, from Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” in Shaun of the Dead to, well, anything in Baby Driver.

But Wright has also directed a number of music videos, the most recent being for Beck’s “Colors”. His video for Mint Royale’s “Blue Song” even provided the basis for Baby Driver‘s memorable opening scene.

No release date is set for the film and it appears to be in the early stages of production, with Wright collecting archive footage. But whether you’re a longtime Sparks fan or anticipating the next Edgar Wright film (or both), this documentary is one to look forward to.

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