DreamWorks Holding Special Word (Neigh?) of Mouth ‘War Horse’ Screenings

By  · Published on November 23rd, 2011

It looks like some hardcore cinephiles will have less worry when it comes to choosing a film outing this Christmas, with DreamWorks announcing today that they’re set to hold “special word-of-mouth screenings” for the upcoming Steven Spielberg epic, War Horse, over Thanksgiving weekend. The film is scheduled for a nationwide opening on December 25, but these special sneaks have been crafted to build buzz for the film with almost a month of lead time.

Just last week came news that 20th Century Fox was launching a massive sneak peek for their own Christmas release, We Bought a Zoo, over the Thanksgiving holiday, rolling the Cameron Crowe film out to 800 theaters around the country on Saturday the 26th. But this Spielberg sneak will be a decidedly more quiet affair, with screenings taking place on Sunday the 27th in just ten cities.There’s no news yet on how the public will find out about these screenings, but it’s probably best to hang around the film’s Facebook page or its Twitter feed for a hint or two.

The New York City sneak will be followed by a Q&A with Spielberg that will be beamed into the other screenings for maximum audience enjoyment. MSN will also live-stream the session. Anyone watching, either at the screenings or online, will be able to text their questions to Spielberg.

I will not be attending any of the special screenings, because I am unable to watch even the trailer for the film without sobbing, and who needs more tears at the holidays? [THR]