Universal Moves Aptly Titled ‘Villains’ From Comic to Film

Villains Comic

In what could be the beginning of a new trend, Universal has acquired the rights to a comic book series for adaption into a feature film or possible franchise. It may seem far fetched, but Universal has made the leap before, most recently with the surprise hit Wanted. Villains is a new comic book series from Viper Comics, written by Adam Cogan, and illustrated by Ryan Cody and Russ Lowery. Matt Jennison and Brent Strickland are writing the screenplay. Their only current writing credit is the upcoming Wonder Woman adaptation.

Per the Viper Comics website, the plot of Villains is as follows:

Nick Corrigan is an aimless 20-something who discovers that his aging neighbor used to be the notorious supervillain known as “Hardliner”, now retired and living in hiding for the past few decades. Rather than turn him in to the authorities, Nick decides to blackmail him in exchange for lessons in the fine art of career super-crime. But the old pro is about to teach his student some lessons he’ll never forget.

Hmmm. Sounds vaguely familiar… maybe if you replace “supervillain” with “pornstar”? No, that’s not it. “Notorious FSR staff writer”? No… I got it! Replace “supervillain” with “nazi”… and you have the exact plot-line to Stephen King’s Apt Pupil (made into Bryan Singer’s second film.) An intentional homage perhaps…

Do you see a growing trend with comic books being turned into films? Do you think the creators of Villains should pay Stephen King royalties?

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