Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis to Star in the Wachowskis’ ‘Jupiter Ascending’?

By  · Published on March 26th, 2012

Hold your pitchforks back for but a moment, dear readers, as I confess that my interest level in Lana and Andy Wachowski’s next project, Cloud Atlas, is minimal. While I am confident that the Wachowskis, along with co-director Tom Tykwer, will be able to turn a massive tome into something fluid and cohesive, I’ve been unable to rouse much emotion to the project beyond that. Much as I’d like to be proven wrong, I’m still much more excited about the siblings’ next project – an original sci-fi film called Jupiter Ascending that we’ve known about since October.

While we still don’t know anything about the plot beyond just those slim details, it looks like we may soon be able to picture a starring pair in the lead roles — Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis.

That is certainly an unexpected couple, but they both bring relative star power and heat to the table – Tatum has often been the subject of derision ‘round the blogosphere, but he’s recently proven to many that he has, at the very least, solid comedic chops and the ability to make fun of himself in 21 Jump Street. And, again, I’ll point to his outstanding dramatic work in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints as proof that he can flex some beefier acting muscles when the time is right. Also, let’s get real here – the Wachowskis picked Keanu Reeves to lead The Matrix, and that worked out pretty damn okay. As far as Kunis, well she too has comedic chops and the ability to go dark and dramatic – Natalie Portman may have won the Oscar for Black Swan, but the film was truly Kunis’ coming out party.

Per Deadline Cullman, Warner Bros. has offered the lead roles to Tatum and Kunis and, with a planned production date sometime this year, we should expect a final word on this sooner rather than later. Now if we could just get a plotline.

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