Captain America: Civil War Trailer to Be Attached to Spectre or Maybe Star Wars

By  · Published on October 28th, 2015

Marvel Studios

If you’ve spent the past week watching the Star Wars trailer on repeat ‐ desperate for any hints at what J.J. Abrams might have in mind for Luke Skywalker ‐ then now is the time to take a break. Get up, walk around your apartment for a bit, have a glass of water. Hydration is important, you know, especially when you’ll have only a few days to rest before you jump right back into the trailer analysis. The new Captain America: Civil War trailer is here.

According to the latest bit of rumor-mongering, the trailer for the next Captain America movie is almost certain to be attached to Spectre ‐ at least for international audiences ‐ meaning we’re about to catch our first glimpse at the Marvel universe at war. While it will undoubtedly make for an exciting time at the theater, it’s also a nice shared moment for two leading men who both have a love-hate relationship with their most famous character. Evans and Craig, together at last! Anyways, here’s the important parts, courtesy of Hollywood Heroic:

I’d been hearing this one for awhile but never could get full confirmation on the matter. Russian theater chain, Cinema Park, revealed that the trailer will be attached to the film when it hits their theaters next week. Its highly unlikely that the trailer will only be seeing an international release, so you should definitely expect to see it drop early next week.

While the trailer itself likely won’t be anything too earth-shattering ‐ we know the principals involved in the narrative and don’t need much encouragement to watch them brawl ‐ it will be interesting to see how Marvel juggles the sheer volume of superheroes and villains its promised us in the film. The very thought of a superhero movie with too many superheroes may have seemed crazy a decade ago, but we’ve reached the point where Marvel’s film properties pose a genuine threat of being stuffed too full with recognizable faces. Even casual comic book readers like myself know that the all-star team up issues ‐ or the crossover events ‐ were never quite as interesting as the storylines in the characters’ individual runs.

Will Captain America build on the intelligence and complexity of its predecessor? Or will this be too many characters in too short a timeframe? We’ll have exactly two minutes to ponder these questions as the giant movie theater soda cup reminds us to silence our cell phones, because once those first notes of the soundtrack play, James Bond is the only superhero we’ll care about for a couple of hours.

Update: Well, that didn’t take long. Shortly after the Spectre began to grow legs, Collider reported that their sources say Captain America: Civil War trailer will instead premiere with the new Star Wars movie this December. This one certainly makes more sense from a marketing perspective; Disney was the company, after all, who decided to slap together ESPN and Star Wars for one of the oddest nights of bad football and good trailers in recent memory. Now I guess we’ll all have to see both Spectre and Star Wars, just to be sure! The horror.

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