Caprica: Gravedancing

By  · Published on February 20th, 2010

Synopsis: Daniel and Amanda defy their PR team, wing it on the Braxton Samo show, and endear themselves to the audience. As Joseph watches the interview on TV, he starts to have second thoughts about the hit he put out on Amanda and calls it off.

Review: How totally underwhelming. Nothing of consequence was revealed and the conclusion was the epitome of “blah” – not that anyone actually believed that Sam was going to kill Amanda. Prior to this episode, I’d been ambivalent about the show’s insistence upon over the top cliffhangers, but “Gravedancing” was all about dénouement, at least for the Graystones, and even though I understand that that’s necessary, I couldn’t help feeling a little gypped.

One interesting, if slightly odd, storyline that was introduced involves Zoe’s avatar. It looks like she’s starting to catch feelings for the young, goofball lab tech in charge of her Cylon shell. Weirdly, he seems to reciprocate despite not knowing that a cute, sentient being is actually controlling the robot – during a baffling moment, that I think was supposed to be humorous, the unlikely twosome dance together. The logistics of a robo-human relationship intrigue me and weird me out; anyway, I’m anxious to see how this romance unfolds.

Speaking of unconventional relationships, one of the first images presented to us during this episode was Sister Clarice in bed with (at least) three other people – presumably the husbands and wives that were introduced earlier this season. I can’t decide if this polyamory is meant to be progressive or just shocking, maybe it’s a little of both. At any rate, Caprica’s creators have developed a fascinating world, filled with all of these unique cultures, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine fans learning the Tauron language, adopting the dogma of the Soldiers of the One, or starting up relationships with robots.

Next week’s episode looks promising. It seems as though Joseph’s daughter’s avatar will be running amok in the virtual world. So perhaps this lackluster episode was just a way of tempering the intensity that had been building over the past several weeks and preparing us for all of the mayhem to come.