Bryan Cranston Won’t Be Fighting Off Any Zombies in ‘World War Z’

By  · Published on September 8th, 2011

A few weeks ago I interviewed Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad, and at the time, he told me something I thought had already been reported: that he won’t be appearing in Marc Forster’s zombie epic, World War Z.

IMBD had him listed and it was reported virtually everywhere that Cranston would have a small role in the film. Sadly, those reports are wrong.

I talked to the Breaking Bad star a few days before speaking with Forster, so naturally, I asked how that collaborating was going. As Cranston pointed out, it’s not going, and for understandable reasons:

“I didn’t work with Marc Forster. I was supposed to, but scheduling got in the way, so I’m not able to. I regretted the omission. I sent him an email, wished him well, and said I was sad it didn’t workout. You know, on some other project we’ll hopefully – will you please tell him I said hello? And tell him the zombies are coming to get him.”

Of course I told Marc Foster that the zombies were going to get him – and like Cranston – he was disappointed the actor won’t be a part of the film. It’s a real shame Cranston isn’t in WWZ, because it would have been cool to see him fighting off some brutal, fast-moving zombies.

Since set videos have been leaking left and right from Forster’s social commentary filled blockbuster, it’s not much of a surprise we now have our first look at what to expect from the zombie department. Take a look at this tour de force zombie turn:

Video Source: Film Drunk

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