‘Better Call Saul’ Is Now a Sprawling, Four-Decade Epic With Possible Walter White Appearances

By  · Published on July 1st, 2014


Saul Goodman’s solo spinoff series just added a new and increasingly complicated wrinkle. According to executive producer Peter Gould, via the Daily News, Better Call Saul will feature a “floating timeline.” As in, the series will take place before Breaking Bad. And during Breaking Bad. And after Breaking Bad. Whenever Gould wants it to be in any given episode. Considering the show was originally supposed to be set in the early ’80s, that means we’re getting at least four decades’ worth of Goodman’s rise to sleazy, inflatable power.

Upon reading this, the brain’s first response should be “Cool, I guess.” This gives Better Call Saul an easy way to reunite the old Breaking Bad gang in scenes where they’re clearly older than the characters they’re supposed to be portraying (although the occasional Breaking Bad flashback already gave us that gift). More Bryan Cranston, more Dean Norris (maybe?), more Aaron Paul (nope, not so long as Aaron Paul is to be believed). And we’ll finally see Saul manage that Cinnabon in Omaha, which is worth the cost of the whole damn show.

Hopefully Better Call Saul knows to stick with younger Saul for the most part. If we’re really going to see this minor Breaking Bad character traverse the majority of his life (Bob Odenkirk is in his early fifties and I find it hard to believe Saul Goodman is any older), it’s safe to say that we’re all a lot more interested in Young Saul than Old Saul or Currently Managing a Meth Empire Saul.

Meth Empire Saul is old hat. Anything that was truly important about this stage of Goodman’s life, chances are we probably heard about it in Breaking Bad. And unless Saul starts transforming his Cinnabon manager position into the front for another criminal enterprise, we basically know Old Saul up and down (and besides, the whole “meth empire” thing seems to have soured Saul on criminal enterprises).

That leaves Young Saul, a guy we really don’t know that well. A guy who’s real name is Something Something McGill, because the Jew thing he just does for the homeboys. They all want a pipe-hitting member of the tribe, so to speak. It seems like a foolish proposition to turn down more Breaking Bad, but it stands to reason that the juiciest Saul Goodman stories are probably centered around the guy as a young and slightly-less-slimeball-y lawyer.

And besides, I dare you to say no to this:

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