Meg Shields

Based in the Pacific North West, Meg enjoys long scrambles on cliff faces and cozying up with a good piece of 1960s eurotrash. As a senior contributor at FSR, Meg's objective is to spread the good word about the best of sleaze, genre, and practical effects.
Lucifer Rising magick lantern cycle Kenneth Anger

The Enigmatic Impact of the Magick Lantern Cycle

By Meg Shields 

Do what thou wilt, but consider watching this video essay on Kenneth Anger’s life’s work.

Jackie Chan Police Story end credits

Every Movie Should End Like Jackie Chan’s ‘Police Story’

By Meg Shields 

(Chanting) Montage! Montage! Montagae!

The Blob

Slime and Space Dust: How They Built ‘The Blob’

By Meg Shields 

Horror movies in the 1980s are known for being goopy. So let’s wade into the deep end, shall we?

John Woo action Hard Target Jcvd

There are Action Directors and Then There’s John Woo

By Meg Shields 

Cue the doves.

Noroi The Curse

Subverting Found Footage: The Uncanny Realism of ‘Noroi: The Curse’

By Meg Shields 

Mockumentary > Found Footage

Wim Wenders Road Trilogy Kings Of The Road

Wim Wenders: King of the Road Movie

By Meg Shields 

We’re always down to hit the post-war road with Wim.

Bond Boys Ranked

All 43 Bond Boys Ranked

By Anna Swanson, and Meg Shields 

This one’s for the boys.

R Lee Ermey Full Metal Jacket

How R. Lee Ermey Made a Gunnery Sergeant an Icon

By Meg Shields 

You maggots interested in learning a thing or two about R. Lee Ermey?

Vertical Cinema Damien Chazelle

The Vertical Cinematography of Damien Chazelle’s ‘The Stunt Double’

By Meg Shields 

Sure, you’d watch a film shot on an iPhone, but what if it were shot vertically?