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The Academy Award for Best International Feature Film Needs More Than a Name Change

By Cyrus Cohen 

As a second film is disqualified from the category, debate continues over the current rules and how they exclude certain countries from participating in the prestigious competition.

Screen Shot At Pm

Shot by Shot with ‘The End of the F***ing World’ Season 2 Trailer

By Cyrus Cohen 

It’s been two years since the premiere of the British cult classic, but fans don’t have to wait much longer for answers about that notorious cliffhanger.

Fracture D Dng

‘Fractured’ Review: Harrowing Hospitals and Husbands

By Cyrus Cohen 

Brad Anderson’s latest is ambitious, but might try to cram in too many ideas for its own good.

Greta Ma

Loneliness and Middle-Aged Villainy in ‘Greta’ and ‘Ma’

By Cyrus Cohen 

There’s much more to these two antagonists than meets the eye.

The Act

Sensationalist, Sexist, or Something More: Munchausen by Proxy Moms

By Cyrus Cohen 

A recent pattern in miniseries moms introduces a new kind of villain to television.

Uss Callister

Incels in Space

By Cyrus Cohen 

What the ‘Black Mirror’ episode “USS Callister” teaches us about male fragility, video game fandoms, and the danger of unregulated online spaces.

Women Filmmakers Fall Festivals

Women Filmmakers Are Dominating The Fall Film Festivals, And It’s Time We Notice

By Cyrus Cohen 

‘Joker’ might be getting the most write-ups out of Venice, but women are reigning supreme at Canada’s premier film festival.


The Making of a Meme: Absurdity Epitomized in the ‘Cats’ Trailer

By Cyrus Cohen 

How Jennifer Hudson’s facial expression broke the internet.