Kendall Cromartie

Kendall is a recent graduate and San Diego native who is passionate about the environment, writing, and above all else Keanu Reeves.
Hero To Villain

A Brief History of Actors Successfully Going From Hero to Villain

By Kendall Cromartie 

Sometimes joining the dark side brings out the best in us.

Moonlight Diner

The Irresistible Appeal of Culinary Courtship in Film

By Kendall Cromartie 

Cheers to this very cheesy, yet very pure, film trope.

Best Comedy Movies His Girl Friday

‘His Girl Friday’ and How They Created the World’s Greatest Fast-Talking Rom-Com

By Kendall Cromartie 

At 240 words a minute, Howard Hawks’ comedic romp more than earns its place as the quintessential screwball comedy

X Men First Class Crew

The X-Men and the Appeal of the Domestic Superhero Squad

By Kendall Cromartie 

Because who didn’t want to live at fancy superhero boarding school back in the day?

Like Game Of Thrones

50+ Movies and Shows to Fill the ‘Game of Thrones’ Void in Your Life

By Kendall Cromartie 

All good (and at times painful) things must come to an end, but this watchlist should help ease the passage a bit

Mean Girls Ops Archive Article

‘Mean Girls’ and Designing the Perfectly Absurd High School Experience

By Kendall Cromartie 

All of the fighting in girl world is sneaky, just like Tina Fey’s bizarre background details for the film

The 20 Most Beautiful Shots from ‘The Matrix’

By Kendall Cromartie 

“No one can be told what the Matrix is… you’ll have to see it for yourself”

Captain Marvel

Superhero Movies Have Always Been Political

By Kendall Cromartie 

It’s been that way since the dawn of (comic book) history.

How ‘Bill & Ted’ Sparks Joy

By Kendall Cromartie 

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”