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Hereditary Dead Birds

Why Dead Birds are the Ultimate Warning Sign

By Ciara Wardlow 

It’s all fun and games until the chirping stops.


The Strange Innocence of the Himbo

By Ciara Wardlow 

Let’s break down exactly why dumb is so easy to love.

Inception ending

The Ending of ‘Inception’ Explained

By Ciara Wardlow 

If you’ve still got questions about that spinning top, here are the answers.


The Forgotten History of Cinema’s First Pandemic

By Ciara Wardlow 

Nobody knows what happens next, but here’s what happened last time.

Parasite ending

The Ending of ‘Parasite’ Explained

By Ciara Wardlow 

Some truths are written in stone (pun somewhat intended).

Eb Pressbts

Drake Doremus Talks ‘Endings, Beginnings’ and Love at First Sight with Sebastian Stan

By Ciara Wardlow 

The filmmaker discusses casting, happy accidents, and rewriting in the edit room.


Exploring the Many Faces of Parasitism with ‘Parasite’

By Ciara Wardlow 

Exploring Bong Joon-ho’s masterpiece by breaking down the title.

Binge Header Deadwood

Escape to ‘Deadwood’ and Stay Awhile

By Ciara Wardlow 

Thanks to ‘Deadwood: The Movie,’ this forerunner of peak TV is now prime binge material.

Eos Sfcs

Have You Noticed This “Strong Female Character” Naming Trend?

By Ciara Wardlow 

She’s not like those other girls because she’s basically one of the guys.