Charlie Brigden

Charlie Brigden is the author of many fine soundtrack liner notes and Blu-ray booklet essays and some call him a film music expert. He also recorded a commentary for Howard the Duck. You can find him on Twitter here: @brigdenwriter. (He/Him)

Ranking The ‘Star Trek’ Themes

By Charlie Brigden 

An exploration of the best of the ‘Star Trek’ music that has gone before…


‘Watership Down’ Review: Rabbits Run Rampant In Rousing Reinterpretation

By Charlie Brigden 

Cover your eyes as we dive into Netflix’s new adaptation of the classic British novel.


The Real Reason Jóhann Jóhannsson’s ‘Mandy’ Score is Ineligible For an Oscar

By Charlie Brigden 

We reached out to the Academy for clarification on the disappointing technicality.

Rewind Scores

The Best Movie Scores of 2018

By Charlie Brigden 

2018 has been a vintage year for film scores. Here are the best of them.

Lalo Schifrin Dirty Harry

Making Clint Cool: Exploring Lalo Schifrin’s ‘Dirty Harry’ Music

By Charlie Brigden 

How Lalo Schifrin used jazz moods to turn Eastwood into the king of cool.

Superman Movie Title

How John Williams Changed Superhero Movies in 5 Minutes

By Charlie Brigden 

The iconic main title overture of ‘Superman: The Movie’ is still one of the best starts to a film franchise.

2001 Opening title sequence

How the ‘2001’ Opening Title Sequence Musically Sums Up The Movie

By Charlie Brigden 

Richard Strauss’ “Also sprach Zarathustra” perfectly sets the tone for Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi classic.


Predicting Who Will Score The Next James Bond

By Charlie Brigden 

We know who will direct and who is returning to star, but the sound of James Bond may be just as important.

B Nef

10 Great Film Scores By Female Composers

By Charlie Brigden 

Wonderful music that proves film music shouldn’t just be a man’s domain.