Brad Gullickson

Brad Gullickson is a Weekly Columnist for Film School Rejects and Senior Curator for One Perfect Shot. When not rambling about movies here, he's rambling about comics as the co-host of Comic Book Couples Counseling. Hunt him down on Twitter: @MouthDork. (He/Him)
Santi Illustration Large

‘The Devil’s Backbone’ Validated as the First Masterpiece from Guillermo del Toro

By Brad Gullickson 

Sixteen years after its release, The Devil’s Backbone finally gets its due with Matt Zoller Seitz and Simon Abrams’ coffee table tome.

Almost Friends Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment on Building Chemistry Through the Intimacy of Long Car Rides in ‘Almost Friends’

By Brad Gullickson 

Haley Joel Osment discusses the challenges of making an impact with only a handful of scenes.

Sweet Virginia Christopher Abbott

Christopher Abbott on the Empathy of Sociopaths and the Simplicity of Noir Villainy in ‘Sweet Virginia’

By Brad Gullickson 

We talk to Christopher Abbott about the generosity of Jon Bernthal and the importance of withholding narrative for emotional impact.

The Punisher Bernthal Stare

‘The Punisher’ Spoiler Review: Frank Castle finds revenge where it’s not wanted

By Brad Gullickson 

The final four episodes of The Punisher attempt to wrap up the unnecessary hodgepodge of side stories.

The Punisher Season One Stare

‘The Punisher’ Spoiler Review: Stuck in the Middle With Frank Castle

By Brad Gullickson 

Waiting on The Punisher’s endless echoing loneliness is a bit of a slog.

The Punisher Season One

‘The Punisher’ Season One Review: Frank Castle’s One Man Army Assembles

By Brad Gullickson 

Welcome Back, Frank.

The Great Silence Movie Poster

‘The Great Silence’ Review: A Spaghetti Western With Hate For Its Audience

By Brad Gullickson 

Sergio Corbucci’s lost masterpiece finally gets its proper presentation after years in a cult status limbo.

Gold Star

‘Gold Star’ Review: More Than Just Robert Vaughn’s Final Performance

By Brad Gullickson 

The directorial debut of Victoria Negri reveals a confident eye behind what could have been a dull twenty-something diatribe.

King Cohen Title Card

Steve Mitchell Celebrates His Hero in ‘King Cohen’ and You’ll Applaud His Royal Treatment

By Brad Gullickson 

Steve Mitchell explains how his fandom for Larry Cohen led to his own documentary delight.