Brad Gullickson

Brad Gullickson is a Weekly Columnist for Film School Rejects and Senior Curator for One Perfect Shot. When not rambling about movies here, he's rambling about comics as the co-host of Comic Book Couples Counseling. Hunt him down on Twitter: @MouthDork. (He/Him)
The Bad Batch Episode 9 Explained

With Bounty Hunters Brawling, Boba Fett Can’t Be Too Far Behind in ‘The Bad Batch’

By Brad Gullickson 

All clones lead back to the original badass bounty hunter.

Loki Episode 3 Enchantress Explained

Exploring the Enchantress at the Center of ‘Loki’

By Brad Gullickson 

We explore how the “Sylvie” variant connects to Loki’s comic book history. She is no faded photocopy.


Shot by Shot with the ‘Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins’ Trailer

By Brad Gullickson 

It’s time to get the Real American Hero we always knew was possible.

The Bad Batch Episode

A Legendary Gunslinger Returns to ‘Star Wars’ for a Duel with ‘The Bad Batch’

By Brad Gullickson 

An old, familiar face steps from the shadows and sends ripples of glee through the fandom.

Edgar Wright Sparks Brothers

Edgar Wright and Sparks are Here to Sell Records and Spread Love

By Brad Gullickson 

We chat with Wright along with Ron Mael and Russell Mael of Sparks about collaborating and poking fun at themselves while remaining deadly serious.

Loki Episode 2 The Variant

The Trouble and Delight of the Multiple ‘Loki’ Variants

By Brad Gullickson 

We dive into the second episode of the Marvel series and examine a few critical characters who might come into play.

The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes Cartoon

The 10 Best Episodes of ‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’

By Brad Gullickson 

Want to get to know upcoming MCU baddie Kang the Conqueror? Watch this animated series now streaming on Disney+.

The Bad Batch Episode

We Look at Captain Rex to Uncover Hope for Crosshair in ‘The Bad Batch’

By Brad Gullickson 

The latest episode continues the ‘Star Wars’ mission of redemption. If one clone can find forgiveness, they all can.

Loki Tva

‘Loki’ Explained: Unpacking the TVA’s Comic Book Origins

By Brad Gullickson 

The new Disney+ series adapts some of the strangest stories hidden within Marvel Comics. We plunge into the long boxes hoping to divine the franchise’s future.