Apparently, Bath Toys Really Know How to Party: Watch the Full Version of ‘Partysaurus Rex’

By  · Published on October 10th, 2012

If you missed checking out Pixar’s Finding Nemo 3-D in theaters last month (and, if so, what is wrong with you? do you hate fun things? and laughter? and colors? and love?), you also missed out on seeing the full version of Pixar’s newest short, Partysaurus Rex. Well, unless you happened to be hanging around the Disney Channel on Monday night, when the short had its television premiere, but that’s neither here nor there really (false). What we’re trying to say is, hey! Partysaurus Rex is now available for your full watching enjoyment, so let’s do that!

The third Pixar short film to use Toy Story characters ‐ we’ve previously seen Hawaiian Vacation (which showed with Cars 2) and Small Fry (which was paired with The Muppets) ‐ Partysaurus Rex stars Wallace Shawn’s lovable bipedal worrier, Rex, as he attempts to cut loose during bathtime with Bonnie and some new friends. It’s a brand new Rex! A brand new day! And it looks like a Ke$ha video!

Watch the full version of Partysaurus Rex after the break. It’s certifiably adorable.

It’s okay, Rex, you can sleep that off. [Disney]

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