Anne Hathaway Gets Her Own Spider-Man 4 Rumor

By  · Published on November 19th, 2009

Yesterday I presented you with a list of Five Actresses Who Should Play The Black Cat in Spider-Man 4, and no where on there did I mention Anne Hathaway. That said, it seems as if Marvel and Sony Pictures aren’t listening to me. At least, according to a report from Nikki Finke.

Finke, who has long had sources inside Marvel Entertainment, is reporting that producers are very interested in casting Hathaway in a “starring role” in Spider-Man 4. This is the fourth major rumor we’ve seen reported in the last week related to Spider-Man 4 and the casting of The Black Cat. First was Rachel McAdams, then came Romola Garai, and finally Julia Stiles. McAdams denied the report herself, Garai’s rumor has not been confirmed nor denied and no one has been able to get comment from the Stiles camp about her alleged audition. It’s becoming tiresome to talk about these casting rumors, as you might expect, as we don’t really even know much about the film’s plot – and have no real confirmation that The Black Cat is even in Spider-Man 4. But it sure is fun to talk about, am I right?

As for Hathaway – she’s a much different actress with a very different look than the three previously mentioned ladies. That said, in many ways she’s a better actress with a much higher profile, so it’s easy to see why director Sam Raimi and friends might want to have her in the film. As always, we will keep an eye on this story for you as it develops.

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