Your Car Isn’t Safe. ‘American Vandal’ Renewed for Season 2.

The series that famous for the phrase “Who drew the dicks?” is coming back for more.
American Vandal Netflix
By  · Published on October 27th, 2017

The series famous for the phrase “Who drew the dicks?” is coming back for more.

When a parody gets a sequel, that’s when you know it really worked. American Vandal, whose structure mimics that of hit series Serial and Netflix’s Making a Murderer, will be returning for a second season. American Vandal is completely in on the idea of covering a high-school expulsion case as if it was a murder trial. What starts off as a show just looking for laughs with a storyline that involves spray painted dicks, becomes its own riveting plot that seeks redemption for a bad egg student. It is certainly one of the gems that Netflix has released onto their service this year.

With a new teaser trailer, Netflix has confirmed that American Vandal will be back and will be covering a new story. Our fearless mockumentarian, Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) asks that although you can be born into high society, can you be born above the law. It looks as though this new season will follow a whole new set of students which is great because just how much trouble can the same group of students get into?

This allows American Vandal to adopt another case every season, which will be much more rewarding to audiences who want a mystery solved. An anthology type show similar to that of American Horror Story and Fargo makes perfect sense in this situation. This also means that we will be leaving the story of “Who drew the dicks?” The first season of American Vandal covered the story of Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro), who is accused of going to the facility parking lot and spray painting dicks on 27 faculty members’ cars. He faces expulsion and having to pay the school $100,000 worth of damages. American Vandal tries to discover who exactly is the guilty party and is someone just using Maxwell as a scapegoat.

All we know right now is that season 2 will likely look into privilege among students. It won’t be returning until 2018 and it’s like going to be Fall 2018 at that. Until then, if you haven’t watched American Vandal yet, there is no time like the present. Prepare to become fascinated at the smallest of details.

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