The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PosterRelease Date: May 2, 2014

Directed by: Marc Webb

Written by: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner, James Vanderbilt

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan


Peter Parker runs the gauntlet as the mysterious company Oscorp sends up a slew of supervillains against him, impacting on his life.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Electro

Talking to himself in delusional outbursts, an increasingly mad genius develops super powers that make him finally feel as if the world might take him seriously. Or at least notice him. The eternal dweeb, he sets out to get revenge on a personal hero who slighted him (an unforgivable sin to the bullied psyche) and to find the fame he deserves. That’s how Jim Carrey’s Riddler is born in Batman Forever, and it’s also how Jamie Foxx‘s Electro is born in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. They are both brilliant losers who worship at the feet of superheroes (Bruce Wayne for Ed Nygma and Spider-Man for Max Dillon). Both are transformed by injured anger, both are crushed under the heel of asshole middle management bosses and both boil over when they don’t receive the respect they feel entitled to. Early on in Spidey’s latest adventure — especially whenever Foxx is on screen —  it’s easy to pick up on the Batman Forever DNA. Luckily, Peter Parker is the only acrobatic orphan who shows up in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Of course the movie also doesn’t share the look of Joel Schumacher’s Gothic cartoon cabaret, and with some interesting character choices, it acts as a redemptive mulligan for one of the worst superhero adventures in modern memory.


Spirited Away

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We’re one step closer to the inevitable fiery collapse of the comic book movie. Maybe. Sony, one of the four studios (count ‘em: Marvel, Sony, Fox, Warner Bros.) currently building an expanded comic book movie universe, has just put another piece into its gargantuan, multi-movie puzzle. That piece? Drew Goddard. Who, technically, had already been ensnared in Sony’s many-Spiderman’d web — he was announced as the writer of Sinister Six back when Sony first rolled out their cinematic Spidey-verse. But now there’s more, as Variety reports Goddard will be directing Sinister Six as well. Goddard’s first and only directorial effort was The Cabin in the Woods, a film that took typical slasher movie conventions, whisked them together with LSD and then laid them all out in a jumble (or something to that effect). Sinister Six is the first big superhero movie in the Big Superhero Movie era that doesn’t have any superheroes (at least, as far as anyone knows). So a director with a knack for outside-the-box thinking is a director well-suited to the project.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

We’ve been told all along that this is where is greatest battle begins, but up until this point it’s been hard to judge the scale of what director Marc Webb is doing with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, his second film with Andrew Garfield in the red and blue spandex. But with this final international trailer that Sony has released today, we can now get a better sense of just how big this battle — and the world building leading toward a Sinister 6 movie — this sequel is going to have. With that in mind, we’ve decided to take a deeper look at what’s in Spidey’s latest trailer.


3-Days-to-Kill-Super Bowl

One thing you have to remember about movie trailers aired during the Super Bowl is they’re out to appeal to a very mainstream audience. Many of us watch the game solely for the commercials, but that doesn’t mean advertisers are targeting anyone interested in movies and their marketing more than they’re aiming for those mass American viewers interested in football, cheap beer, blockbuster-size entertainment and a few laughs. That means first looks at big summer movies concentrating on their explosions and other promise of spectacle. Not everyone follows movie news regularly, so this is the time when the rest of the country begins buzzing about this year’s major tentpoles, and whether that’s positive or negative buzz determines anticipation, and that might even make or break some titles down the line. Leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII, we present the teasers made available ahead of the game’s actual full-on spots. Join us after the game, though, for more of a ranking of which trailers worked and which didn’t. Additionally, you can find some neat movie- and TV-related ads down below, too.


amazing spiderman 2_2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is over five months away, but the marketing is already picking up steam to ensure butts are in seats this coming May. It would be silly to call a film that earned $750 million worldwide a failure, but director Marc Webb‘s first Amazing Spider-Man was definitely a bit underwhelming. Story-wise it felt like little more than an unnecessary reboot, and that shows in its ranking as the lowest grossing of the four Spider-Man feature films. Sony already has plans (and release dates!) for two more films in their ‘amazing’ franchise, but first up will be Spidey’s “greatest battle” yet as he (Andrew Garfield) goes head to head with Electro (Jamie Foxx) and The Rhino (Paul Giamatti). Judging by the new teaser below though his greatest threat may actually be Stan Lee‘s blathering intro. Check it out below along with another new pic (courtesy of EmpireOnline), but fair warning, the second pic may or may not constitute a spoiler for some of you.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Jamie Foxx

The clearest thing about the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer (and its entire production history) is how thoroughly Marc Webb and company ignored complaints about having too many villains in a single movie. Not only have they dropped three into the mix here, they’ve also made the overwhelming nature of that reality part of the thematic challenge Peter Parker must face. That dramatic turn may help transform the juggling act of multiple baddies (with multiple origin stories) into a usable energy, but they’re going to have to do a far better job of balancing the story than they did with the messy first outing of the rebooted hero. On that front, it looks like the all-but-erased-by-the-studio “secret origin” is back in the mix as Peter delves deeper into what his father was working on at Oscorp. Again, that’s fertile ground, but it adds another layer to the dip. Check out the trailer for yourself:



It’s only a coincidence that I’m writing this on the day Man of Steel hits home video, and it has nothing to do with the approaching 35th anniversary of Superman: The Movie. Rather, it’s something I’ve been wondering during the discussions of the latest Marvel movie post-credits “stingers.” Thor: The Dark World finishes with three separate teases. The first (not a stinger) comes before the credits and hints at something that will presumably be dealt with in Thor 3. The next comes midway into the credits and introduces a character and teases plot that is part of the larger Marvel/Avengers franchise storyline. And the third is just a funny post-credits scene that I expect to be the vaguely reported link between the film and an upcoming Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode. Personally, I have no problem with these or any stingers. The midway scene in Thor 2 is pretty goofy, though, and has been met with the usual confusion that, hopefully for Marvel’s sake, translates into curiosity instead of annoyance. And perhaps the way they’re done is a little tired, so maybe it is time to try something different. Like a prologue stinger. I don’t know if that phrase makes sense (I’m not totally sure of where the term stinger comes from), but here’s what I mean: set up the next film before the latest even begins. For the one and only example, as far as I know, look to the opening of the first Superman, which features the trial of […]


Hasbro Header

With New York Comic-Con kicking off today, Gotham is about to be inundated with all sorts of geeky goodness, and the fine folks at Hasbro like to stake their cool claim early. Every year the toy company hosts a swinging party called “Twas the Night Before” before the con kicks off, and they use the lure of hand-crafted thematic cocktails, finger foods, and tons of toys to get the press to turn out. It works - very well - for one simple reason (no, not the booze), but because nothing is off limits for play and examination, even new toys that haven’t been released yet (and toys that are quietly shuffled out of the party space when things get really rolling). Yes, you can manhandle that new Spider-Man mask, and then you can go right ahead and pose for pictures with a new My Little Pony right next to a display of new Furbies that give birth to small Furby eggs. Playing with toys will never get old. Probably. We think. After the break, check out some of very favorite things from last night’s “Twas the Night Before…” shindig, including new toys from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and many more.


Harry Osborn and Peter Parker

What have we here? Dane DeHaan – Harry Osborn in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – tweeted a picture of himself and Andrew Garfield from the film, accompanied with the caption “Breakin’ it down #Osborn style… Yo” Sure, kid. DeHaan, who plays the character originated by James Franco in the previous Spider-Man series, will of course go on to become Spider-Man’s adversary, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from this photo of Peter and Harry. The pals look pretty chummy as they hang out in the Oscorp offices, although judging from that wistful expression on Garfield’s face as he looks off into the distance, there’s probably trouble afoot that only a teenager with spider-like abilities could possibly tackle.


trailer_amazing spider man

If there’s one common theme among tentpole films this summer, it’s the mentality that bigger is better. The sheer scope these blockbusters achieve is astonishing and, as some have speculated, has been hurting box-office numbers. When Steven Spielberg says there’s going to be an implosion in these type of $150M+ films, that’s something to take seriously. But if there’s one character that the “blow everything we see up” approach doesn’t suit, it’s Spider-Man. Speaking with producer Matt Tolmach about the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2, it was clear they didn’t set out to make one of those disaster films. Seeing Peter Parker struggle is what makes Spider-Man engaging, not seeing a whole city block torn to pieces. The first Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t that, and Tolmach intends to keep it that way. That doesn’t mean this sequel won’t go bigger, though.


Electro at Comic-Con

Comic-Con 2013 is underway and the stream of things, interesting and otherwise, has begun flowing from the ground in San Diego. In and around the Convention Center, people are assuredly bumping into each other, fighting for scraps of Clif bars and already lined up for panels on Sunday. Here at the Reject HQ Compound in Austin, TX, we will be monitoring the news all weekend as our agents of chaos, Jack Giroux and Robert Fure, will check in periodically from the Con. Up first is a promising teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which seeks to solidify its presence at SDCC. As this short teaser explains, Electro — the film’s illuminated villain played by Jamie Foxx — will be making an appearance in Hall H on Friday afternoon. For now we get a quick look at him as he begins to introduce himself.



We’ve already gotten a few glimpses at Jamie Foxx as the supercharged villain Electro in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but they were just that – glimpses. A shot of Foxx as mild-mannered (and cartoonishly ugly, with buck teeth and a bad comb-over) Max Dillon. A shot of Foxx in blue makeup with some LED lights shining on his face. Now we’ve got the real deal. The cover of an upcoming “Entertainment Weekly” provides the first real look at Electro in full effect, and he’s looking pretty fearsome. The glowing white eyes and charred left ear seem like especially nice touches. Plus, this cover also confirms which of the many Electro incarnations the upcoming Spider-sequel will be taking inspiration from. That insulated costume he’s sporting is the same one Electro wore in the 2008-2009 cartoon adaptation The Spectacular Spider-Man (that costume, in turn, was based off of his Ultimate Spiderman design).



We’re a little bit exhausted by the summer of 2013. To take a break from it, we wanted to look into the future, and even though there’s a giant conversation to be had about Untitled Marvel Studios Movie hitting in 2016, we figured we’d keep it simple by only jumping ahead a year. So we’ll be getting excited about the bursting-with-potential summer movies of 2014, and Geoff will answer a listener’s screenwriting question focused on which character romantic comedies should focus on. Plus, we’ve got an outstanding piece of orchestral music fresh out of a Warner Bros. studio to share with you. It’s from a promising young composer with a Reddit-worthy story. For more from us on a daily basis, follow the show (@brokenprojector), Geoff (@drgmlatulippe) and Scott (@scottmbeggs) on the Twitter. And, as always, we welcome your feedback. Download Episode #23 Directly Or subscribe Through iTunes



Seeing as Spider-Man is definitely one of the top five most recognizable superheroes on the planet, and superheroes have been pretty much the most profitable thing you can make movies about over the last decade or so, it makes sense that Sony wouldn’t want to give up the rights to making Spider-Man movies and have them revert back to Disney/Marvel Studios. A new press release from the studio [via /Film] reveals just how enthusiastic they are about making sure that the further adventures of the web head stay under their control. Even though they only have to keep making Spider-Man movies every few years to keep control of the property, which currently puts them in a very safe position seeing as they’re deep into production on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 right now, they’ve decided to take steps to ensure that Spidey won’t be going back to his Marvel roots at least up through 2018.



Some news about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that’s potentially very exciting got dropped this weekend. It’s sort of a two-part story, with the first bit being a pretty concrete piece of casting news, and the second part being some spoiler heavy whispers about where the plot of these films is likely leading. We’ll put the more spoilery part beyond the jump, to be safe, so consider this your warning not to click if you don’t like knowing about awesome things before everyone else does. The news starts with an actor named Colm Feore, who you might remember from recent roles in television’s Revolution or The Borgias. Comic Book Movie is reporting that they have it “100% confirmed” that he’s been cast in director Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in the role of Adrian Toomes, who longtime Spidey fans know better as the winged and persnickety super villain, the Vulture. What exactly Toomes is going to be up to in the movie, well that’s the part you’re going to have to click through to read.



I love this behind-the-scenes video from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 because without the CGI movie magic, it makes Spidey seem like a real wizard with even more extraordinary powers. He simply waves his hands, and Paul Giamatti‘s  pants drop. No webbing required. This is Harry Potter territory. Plus, the sense of humor here is great — this is what a teenager does with great power and great responsibility. Some light humiliation followed by a few slick dance moves. The confidence is solid, but Spidey should really learn not to leave automatic weapons lying in the street. [SuperHeroHype]


Electro Spider-Man

Spider-Man fans know that the original version of Electro had a kind of jiggling starfish on his face (as you can see above), the power to control electricity, and (obviously) a deep and abiding love for all things Brazilian. The character has been updated several times — including a flaming skull look and a brief stint as Red Skull’s son — but for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it turns out that Marc Webb and company are going with the Ultimate version of the character. “News organization” The Daily Mail recently published some candid shots of Foxx in full effects make-up as the villain (which you can see below). There’s a little bit of Avatar going on and a little bit of Schwarzenegger-style Mr. Freeze, but it seems clear that they’re going all out with the design. Of course, Peter fought a giant lizard last time, so the door’s wide open for treating the villains as insanely as the comics did. Check out the pics for yourself and please offer your own descriptive combinations:


BJ Novak in Spider-Man 2

Tonight in Movie News After Dark, we’ve got actionable items of to-do-ness for you. From learning about Neill Blomkamp’s latest to watching Marc Webb show off his Spidey-sets to remembering KFBR392, we’ve got a big list of things that every movie lover should be doing this evening. Lets get started.



In case you were worrying that Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man sequel didn’t have enough of Spidey’s villains rumored to be appearing in it, Heat Vision now has a report confirming that the film is going to, in some way, feature the Wall-Crawler’s most hated villain of all time, unhinged industrialist Norman Osborn. According to the report, Chris Cooper (of American Beauty, Adaptation, and The Muppets fame) has signed on to play the role. For those who have even glanced at a “Spider-Man” comic over the last fifty years or have seen Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films, where this same character was played by Willem Dafoe, you know that Osborn starts off as a generic rich jerk, but eventually he experiences an accident that leaves him completely insane and with a split personality who refers to himself as The Green Goblin.

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