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Return of the Jedi

In what universe could Minnie Mouse fight crime with The Hulk? In our own. This week on the show, Geoff and I will toss around a few ideas for movie universes to collide — legally based on which global conglomerate owns which intellectual properties. Get ready to see Donald, Darkwing and Howard the Duck team up for an adventure with a terrible title. Plus, since we’re retuning from break, we wanted to talk about the phenomenon of and meaning behind adding “The Return of” to your hero’s sequelized journey. What kinds of movies boldly ask us to return and why? Double plus, we’ll speak with Landon Palmer about The Blair Witch Project and how we’ve been judging it unfairly all these years. You should follow Landon (@landonspeak), the show (@brokenprojector), Geoff (@drgmlatulippe) and Scott (@scottmbeggs) on Twitter for more on a daily basis. Please review us on iTunes Download Episode #67 Directly Or subscribe Through iTunes


The Best 2013 Supercuts

What are the significant movie moments of 2013? Thanks to the Internet and its denizens, that is never a tough question for very long. Over the past few years, the rise of independent editors cutting together clip shows has grown into its own industry. Mash-ups, supercuts, megacuts, recuts, retellings, these are the evolved fan fiction of the Internet generation. Like magazine clippings spread across a vast bedroom floor, these moments can be assembled to humbly remind us of a great year of cinema. 2013 was that kind of year, worthy of sweeping soundtracks and the largest screens available. As part of our annual Year in Review, we’d like to share the best of the 2013 retrospective movie mash-ups. From faces familiar and new, each one of these clip shows capture the spirit of 2013 at the movies. Hundreds of hours went into their creation to give us a few minutes of recaptured joy. So sit back, relax and relish in the year that was with some of the web’s most talented mix-masters.



“Everyone has the same moments in their life,” a college professor of mine used to say. Birth, schooling, graduation, a first paycheck, marriage, parenthood, grandparenthood, retirement, death. These were the standardized plot points. Then he’d ask what made our lives different. The answer, naturally, is the moments in between. Those familiar signposts and deep breaths in between are well-represented in this stunning mash-up from MovieClips that uses flashes of film scenes to tell the story of a complete life. Bonus points for using Orson Welles’ recitation of Kipling’s “The Conundrum of the Workshops” in F For Fake. A few points deducted for not including the sliding baby scene from Big Fish.  Check it out for yourself:


The Best Movie Mash-ups of 2012

Some may find them frivolous, but there’s something wonderfully profound about movie mashups. They represent both the ability of an audience to reshape the art they admire as well as the commonality that all movies seem to share, no matter how radically different they appear on the surface. Turning Mrs. Doubtfire into a horror film via trailer only solidifies how the core storytelling tools passed down through thousands of years have stayed the same even while delivery methods have evolved and shifted. Okay, and they’re pretty frivolous. Mashups are fun. This generation’s mix tapes, they blend together our favorite moments of pop culture into a new monster. Of course, as the best mashups of 2012 show, they can also be poignant reminders or someone’s work, a vivid look at the sheer weight of all the movies of one year or a marked criticism of the way film marketing has ossified and overloaded us with too many images before we sit down in the darkness to be entertained. Taking on the titans of 2012, here are the best mashups of the year:


2012 Movie Mash-Up

Holy calamity. This is one seriously laborious edited exploration of the movies of 2012. No surprise it comes from our pal Sleepy Skunk (who we hear is pretty good at coming up with aliases and with making mash-ups). Not only did he condense great moments from 182 movies into under 7 minutes, he also managed to craft 3 meaningful movements – the first uncovering the looming theme of Dystopia while tying together common elements (like heavy rain or lights shutting off along a hallway); the second having fun with a common mash-up song and the many explosions of the year; and the third reveling in the connectivity between major Hollywood blockbusters and indie projects that are finding the kind of funding they need to play at a higher level. He was even nice enough to include a complete second-by-second guide to the movies in the video. My favorite moment comes at 6:00 when a fish bowl in Starry Starry Night tips over, its water forming a wave that becomes a huge tail of lava from Wrath of the Titans. Not only is it a gorgeous image, it also tells a one-second story of the diversity in films released this year. Well done, Skunky.


Exorcist Sitcom

A while back, there was a burst of videos which recast wholesome, loveable characters as horror icons. It was all launched by the absolutely brilliant Scary Mary Poppins which probably worked because there’s something fundamentally terrifying about the movie that’s lacquered over by a silly, musical tone. After all, Mary isn’t all sunshine and puppy dog ice cream. She’s sarcastic and forceful (and she has a handbag full of umbrellas, lamps and all of the props from Hostel). In that same spirit, born from the ancient internet (six whole years ago!), we’ve asked our resident video masher to do the opposite: take something horrific and make it funny. As usual, ChugsTheMonkey delivers. He’s chosen to remix The Exorcist (which coincidentally just made the Championship Round in our bracket tournament search for the Scariest Movie Ever) as a 1980s-style sitcom. After all, it’s basically like Small Wonder with a Satan-infused child instead of a robot to begin with. Who knew that all that was missing from William Friedkin‘s horror classic was a laugh track?


What is Movie News After Dark? It’s the movie website equivalent of stuffing a turkey with three chickens and an eel. News of all shapes and sizes finds itself among some strange bedfellows here even if you can’t sleep. We get things started with a metric ton of images and information about The Muppets. If you’re willing to brave the spoilers, /film has everything from character descriptions to photos to trivia. Or, you can let the burning questions wash over you. Why is Kermit behind bars? Does it have anything to do with inter-species sex laws? Why wouldn’t it?

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