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Once upon a time, almost a half century ago, in a ramshackle pastry shop outside a small village in rural France, a muscular baby boy was birthed from an even more muscular vagina. His parents, being big fans of cinema, christened him after their seventeenth favorite actor, and no one was surprised when the boy became a young man and the man became a movie director. His passion was for action films — usually ones with a number in the title — and his name was Olivier Megaton. Well, his name still is Oliver Megaton, and when someone with a name like Oliver Megaton makes an action movie it feels like the kind of perfectly inspired pairing that only comes along once in a millennium. Like if someone named Fanny Shytles grew up to make Adam Sandler comedies. How do you turn away from that divine promise? How do you know where to draw the line and say enough is enough? How do you choose not to see an action movie made by a man named Olivier Megaton? Four words (and three numbers). Transporter 3. Colombiana. Taken 2. Taken 3.



Above you can enjoy the Taken 3 trailer (or Tak3n, I suppose), the third film in the Taken franchise starring Liam Neeson. This time it’s really really really personal — someone has framed him for murdering his wife (Famke Janssen) and is threatening to take out his daughter (Maggie Grace) as well. So now he is on the run trying to unravel this web of lies while being pursued by what sounds like every law enforcement agency imaginable. It’ll be here in January, directed by Taken 2 helmer Olivier Megaton. Gird. Your. Loins.


Taken Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace

Contrary to popular belief, not all mega-successful movies get an automatic sequel. Often, a pitched battle rages over the right to add a +1 on the end of whatever movie just made a gazillion dollars worldwide. Take Taken 3. The addition of that “3” was no cakewalk. At first, Liam Neeson was adamant that the film shouldn’t be made, that a single family would suffer three takings to be completely absurd. “It’s just bad parenting,” Neeson argued. Then, Fox offered him $20M to change his mind. He did. But there was a catch: Neeson’s agreement meant Fox had to implement a strict “No Taking” policy for Taken 3. No daughters would be taken. No wives. Not a single Liam Neeson. Which begs the question: what’s everyone supposed to do instead?



To be fair, they’ll probably pay him with one giant paycheck instead of three because Hollywood accounting is nothing if not efficient, but according to Deadline Hollywood, Fox is paying Liam Neeson $20M to return for Taken 3. So this is going to happen. Taken 2 writer Robert Mark Kamen and franchise mastermind Luc Besson are already working on the script, but there’s no director yet, and Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen haven’t signed on yet either. Obviously, Neeson was the linchpin, but even if he hadn’t agreed to be in it, it’s not hard to imagine them Tokyo Drifting into a third movie without Bryan Mills (who has incredibly bad luck with kidnappings). Lucas Black probably has a set of skills, too. I have no issue with there being a third entry — no logical problem with yet another abduction under Mills’ nose, no concern for more mindless action, no fear for diminishing returns. My only real question is when they’ll mash this up with Schindler’s List. The people are demanding it, Fox. Why won’t you listen?


Netflix April Fool

On this first night of April, we look back at all the wildly appropriate pranks that were actually pranks and not just a bunch of lies about who is going to star in the upcoming Star Wars movies (we’re looking at you, George Takei. For shame.) This includes Variety getting duped bad, Monsters University getting taken over by a rival, an Iron Man suit you can buy and the best possible Taken sequel idea we’ve ever seen. That and more in Movie News After Dark: April Foolpocalypse!


Reject Recap: The Best of Film School Rejects

Movies introducing slang prefixes are all the rage right now, with Pitch Perfect prompting us to put “a-ca-” ahead of numerous words and now Argo giving us a funny reason to put “ar-” before “go” whenever we use the latter (especially when we use it with profanity, as in the movie). So, let me now employ the pun to invite you to “argo” back through the week with us to revisit the best stories and features from the past seven days. Before the main roundup, let’s highlight the regular content that you can find links for around the main page. This week we posted and re-published a bunch of reviews of new releases (Argo; Seven Psychopaths; Sinister; Smashed; Middle of Nowhere) as well as interviews with Argo star/director Ben Affleck and actor-turned-director Matthew Lillard. There weren’t a whole lot of trailers showcased this week, but you should argo watch the new spots for Hitchcock, Room 237, Zero Dark Thirty and Django Unchained and join the discussions of each. And finally, regarding our love of shorts here at FSR, in addition to the regular, daily highlights, we watched Pixar‘s new clubbin’ continuation of Toy Story, Partysaurus Rex, and took a look at the shortlist of eight documentary shorts vying for an Oscar nomination. Daniel has also reviewed shorts programs at the New York Film Festival, as well, but there’s a link to all that event’s coverage below. Check out our ten best features from the past week plus some other recommended […]


Taken 3 Possibilities

When will criminals learn to leave Liam Neeson alone? As Taken 2 illustrated, the lesson illustrated in Taken was well illustrated: human traffickers are no match for Neeson’s temper. If these fools insist on trifling with this (particularly) surly Irishman, they will only end up with a screwdriver in the skull to go with the vengeance in their hearts. I mean screwdriver in the figurative sense of course, because it’ll actually be a hammer. Now there’s talk of a Taken 3, which took everyone outside the accounting department by surprise. Still, we wondered what was possibly left for these covetous rapscallions to take that would send Neeson over the edge. So we came up with a few options.



You know what, Robert Mark Kamen? Good for you. On the heels of Taken 2‘s blockbuster opening (the film made over $49m in its first weekend, and currently clocks in at a hefty $122m worldwide as of this posting), screenwriter Kamen (who also penned the first film) sat down with Hollywood.com‘s own (and our former) Matt Patches to talk about all sorts of stuff. Well, mainly money and sequels. The interview is a great read on its own (seriously, at one point, Kamen shares that he and Luc Besson call each other “Shrek” and “Donkey,” which could be a solid base for some really compelling fan fiction), but for the purpose of this item, we’ll just focus on what Kamen had to say about the possibility of Taken 3. Read: a strong possibility.

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