Screen Gems

S From Hell

Why Watch? Filled with aggressively melodramatic statements about a simple logo and theme song, this short from Room 237 director Rodney Ascher is a deftly funny exploration of something that should be (and is) completely harmless. But it’s got a trick up its sleeve. Maybe it’s the hypnotic throng of the continually repeated synth theme or the queasy presentation of nightmarish scenarios, but after the laughter dies down, you really start to feel uneasy about that damned “S.” The dichotomy is pristine — a joyous sound accompanying a slick-looking, vibrant icon matched with bizarre personal accounts of terror. Ascher and the production stick to their guns the whole way, never smirking, never winking at the audience. When aliens find this in 10 years (yeah, that soon), they’re going to believe this company’s logo really was the handiwork of Satan. And of course you’ll want to stay through the credits for one last twist of the knife. What will it cost? Around 8 minutes. Skip Work. Watch More Short Films.


No Good Deed

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson have both signed to star in No Good Deed – with a script from Aimee Lagos (who wrote and directed the incredibly strong 96 Minutes). It’s a cool project with a high concept kidnapping plot where a former District Attorney invites a stranger having car trouble into her home. There’s your good deed right there. No doubt it won’t go unpunished. The best part of the news is that Elba’s Luther director Sam Miller will be making this his return to directing after a decade away from the feature film camera. His attempts of the late 90s were, not great, but his television work has been both extensive and impressive. Hopefully this will be a solid partnership and a great film – which is aiming for a Spring start. It’s a safe bet that Henson will star as the former DA, but it’s unclear whether Elba will be the stranded man or another main character. But really, does it matter? It’s Idris Elba. No matter where they stick him here, he’ll crush the role. And by “they,” I mean “he,” because he’ll be Executive Producing as well.



After this summer, expect all your nerdy friends to endlessly say, “Believe, Bruv!” Enjoy that quote while it lasts, because I’m sure many are going to run it into the ground soon.. so, obviously by the title of this news piece, I already have a hand in not doing that awesome line justice. Couldn’t be more proud. Anyway, the hoods vs. the aliens adventure film has been screening across all over the country since SXSW, and for good reason. Attack the Block is a film that’s going to live or die by word-of-mouth. If the buzz stays as positive as it currently is Screen Gems may end up with a little success on their hands. They’ve set a July 29th release date which is an already a jam packed weekend. With the already sure to be hits Cowboys and Aliens, The Smurfs, and (the supposedly excellent) Crazy, Stupid, Love, Attack the Block will have a lot of competition. Hopefully Joe Cornish‘s truly awesome film debut finds a broad enough audience to appreciate his genre meshing exercise in comedic badassery. Source: Box Office Mojo



The most entertaining film from this year’s SXSW film fest has finally found a US distributor. I say “finally” because someone should have picked it up the moment the closing credits started rolling on opening night. But hey, better late than never… Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block is about an alien invasion of sorts in London’s tough, inner-city neighborhoods. Pitch black creatures are eating their way through town, but there are no military units or police heroes to fight back the horde here so instead that task falls to a group of teen thugs. These are right pricks here, make no mistake, but by the film’s end they may just steal your heart. (But I’d check to make sure you still have your wallet and watch just in case.) Brian Salisbury’s excellent review of the movie is here, Sony’s press release is below, and thanks to BadassDigest for the heads up about this fantastic news.


Fired Up! Isn't Funny

Movies don’t get much more insipid than this brainless cheerleader comedy from Screen Gems and Maxim Magazine.



Haven’t we had enough of Jane Austen? Apparently not, according to Screen Gems. That’s right. They’re not just re-making bad slasher films from the 80s. They’re also remaking stuffy British literature as musical urban street dramas.

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