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Doctor Who Dark Water

It’s great to have your predictions be wrong when the alternative is something you couldn’t have imagined. But if the truth is something that should have been predicted, because it’s something that normally occurs, then there’s less satisfaction. For Doctor Who‘s Series 8, the ending begins in the afterlife with part one of the finale, titled “Dark Water,” an episode that sort of clears up my observations about a suicide theme — there’s apparently no significance to it — and turns out an inverse of my expectation that Clara (Jenna Coleman) would “die” in a sacrificial matter involving the Doctor (Peter Capaldi), and Danny (Samuel Anderson) would make the effort to save her. Instead it’s Danny who, rather clumsily and totally unintentionally, is killed by a truck. Then, Clara urges the Doctor to find a way for them to bring him back. That would cause a paradox, as the Doctor explains with an unsurprising lack of sympathy for his companion’s tragic loss. What might be surprising is that he didn’t also mention the last time he witnessed a time-traveling companion save a man from his fate of being killed by a car. This episode could have just been a repeat of 2005’s excellent, emotional “Father’s Day,” in which Rose Tyler changed the past in order to have her father in her life, and of course that disruption of order causes the scary creatures known as The Reapers to attack and threaten all of history. Fortunately for Clara, she doesn’t need a […]


Doctor Who Deep Breath

Would a Doctor by any other face smell so sweet? Not if he’s wearing a tramp’s coat, apparently. With the first episode of Doctor Who‘s Series 8, Peter Capaldi is a jarring presence as the Twelfth Doctor, mainly to companion Clara “Impossible Girl” Oswald (Jenna Coleman) but also to an audience used to younger actors in the role since its reboot almost a decade ago. It’s not just because he’s older, though; the thick, sometimes hard to understand Scottish brogue is as rough as his new “attack-eyebrows” appear to be. And maybe it’s an odd appearance because we’ve seen Capaldi on the show prominently before. Does the Doctor acknowledge this deja vu? Has he seen this face before, as he says in the alley to that tramp, in the same place we have? Is it just a coincidence that Capaldi played Caecilius in the 2008 episode “The Fires of Pompeii” and this new episode, “Deep Breath,” debuted on the same date as that earlier one took place, only 1,935 years earlier? This is one of the many things we’ll have to wait to see as the series continues. I also look forward to seeing if the show can quickly get over Capaldi’s distinction and offer up some truly entertaining installments. “Deep Breath,” written by showrunner Steven Moffat and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ben Wheatley (Kill List; Sightseers), was not very interesting plot-wise. For one thing, there was the matter of Moffat bringing back the Clockwork Robots from “The Girl in the Fireplace,” […]


Doctor Who Series 8

We knew Doctor Who Series 8 was fast approaching, but until now we hadn’t been officially briefed on just when it would land. Was it intentional for BBC to hold that confirmation until we were an appropriate number of weeks away? It seems too perfect. According to a new teaser via BBC America, the show will premiere with the first full episode to star Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor on August 23rd at 8pm ET. Titled “Deep Breath,” the episode will be written by Steven Moffat and directed by Ben Wheatley, best known for the films Kill List and Sightseers. The only other things we know are Jenna Coleman is back as companion Clara Oswald and Samuel Anderson is joining the show as another teacher at the school where she works. You won’t even get that much from the 15-second teaser, though. Have a watch after the jump.


Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

This teaser trailer is more epic on the inside. It feels huge, but it’s really only a minute long and doesn’t show us any new footage. Still, the frozen collage brilliance of this ad for Doctor Who‘s massive 50th anniversary episode “The Day of the Doctor” takes us on a journey through time. Don’t forget to bring a towel! I realize that’s not a Doctor Who reference, but it’s still good advice. Check out the craziest family reunion in the history of the universe for yourself:


peter capaldi in the loop 02

We don’t have to wait for the next Doctor Who Christmas Special to find out who will play the regenerated Twelfth Doctor, as Scottish actor Peter Capaldi was announced for the role live today during a special program on BBC (and in the U.S. on BBC America). He had been a rumored frontrunner this week, but some might have still seen him as a long shot due to his age (he’s 55). He’s also best known to a lot of us as the extremely foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker on the British TV show The Thick of It and the feature film spin-off, In the Loop. Capaldi is also an Oscar-winning filmmaker, for the 1995 short film Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life. (a Short Film of the Day pick two years ago). He was most recently seen as one of the World Health Organization (coincidentally known better as the acronym WHO) employees in the third act of World War Z.



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly movie news column that doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but it will if it doesn’t get exactly what it wants. All it wants, however, is to bring you the news every weeknight and to consume a few cheeseburgers here and there. Nothing much, just links and beef and cheddar. Mmm… cheddar. “Sure, we said that we weren’t going to do any more parody trailers. But we didn’t say anything about parody posters!” Oh Disney, you scoundrels. We begin tonight with a shot of WereRowlf, a character from The Muppet Saga, a parody play from Disney’s The Muppets that came in a package of three posters. If it wasn’t so silly, it would be completely stupid. But it’s the Muppets, so I can’t help but giggle.



Based on the comics by Belgian artist Hergé, The Adventures of Tintin follows a young reporter as he (along with his trusty dog Snowy) end up on a series of adventures in pursuit of his next story. Brought to the screen by director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson, this may be the first time many audiences in America will be seeing and experiencing the world of Tintin (as the comic was first made famous overseas), but the series should have little trouble finding new fans this holiday season. Jackson’s skill with motion capture technology (as seen in his films like The Lord of the Rings and King Kong) is well-translated in Spielberg’s first animated project, creating an immersive world you can easily escape into, while the director’s love of telling an adventure story (and the series itself) bursts through each frame. The film begins with a series of animated scenes which work as a nice recall to the comics from which the story originated – even including a slight reference to newspapers as a nod to Tintin’s (Jamie Bell) job as a journalist and the format through which the comic first ran. The transition from to this the more standard style of animation into the full scope of the film’s 3D motion capture sublty helps audience realize just how impressive and vibrant this new technology truly is. Tintin may not look exactly as he does in the comics, but a clever wink at that iconic image is given early on, making it […]



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly movie news round-up article that would like you to know that it’s glad you weren’t Raptured. It loves having you around so that it can share links with you, bring you the latest news and provide you with a few laughs along the way. It didn’t want to see you vanish into thin air and leave the rest of us to fend off apocalyptic chaos. It’s also confused, as all the toilet paper in the Reject HQ bathrooms seems to have disappeared. How does toilet paper get Raptured? I’m always skeptical when small groups of journalists get a very early look at a major studio picture and come out of it with mostly positive things to say. I don’t question their enjoyment of what they saw, but it’s clear that someone is massaging the timing of the message. So when we see reviews starting to pop up for X-Men: First Class, I can’t help but look at them through cynical eyes. That said, I respect the hell out of Drew McWeeney at HitFix and his piece on Matthew Vaughn’s latest calls it ambitious, claiming that the story is tight and focused. That’s worth some consideration. Also, the above art depicts Muppets as X-Men. Brilliant, found via Geekologie.



Yesterday we got to see some poster goodness from The Adventures of Tintin, and, as promised, the teaser trailer has followed suit. It’s quick, but it spends its precious few seconds creating some suspense and teasing the action. A young man chasing a car into the street with a gun, a bi-plane crashing in the desert, a ship pounding its way through the seas. See it for yourself:



Editor’s Note: The following recap discusses things that happen in the first act of “The Impossible Astronaut” that are played for surprise. While it’s not a spoiler per se, you are probably better off having seen the episode before reading any further. Over the course of their first season at the wheel of the TARDIS, new Doctor Matt Smith and wheelman Steven Moffat have presented us with one common theme: anything and everything is on the table for The Doctor and his faithful companions. Be it the explosion of the universe or the erasing (and subsequent reestablishment) of a character from the whole of human history, they are not afraid to take the adventure in unexpected and sometimes joyously mad directions. But the idea presented to us in the first ten minutes of “The Impossible Astronaut” is an even more interesting one. There in the middle of the picturesque American frontier, we see what might be the end of The Doctor’s journey. And while we know it’s only the beginning, there’s a bigger question looming: will he go through with it? Everything we know about the show up to this point — 48 years rich in history — tell us otherwise, but it does stand to reason that he’s been playing this game from the start. After all, he isn’t afraid to go where no Doctor Who showrunner has gone before.


Lady Gaga

Where in the world of film and television does pop sensation Lady Gaga belong? With her extravagant style and futuristic daily-wear costumes, she has to fit somewhere. It’s painfully obvious that such a somewhere exists in the world of hyper-real science fiction. Perhaps some science fiction that is known for having extravagant and often unique characters. Something hip. I got it! Doctor Who.


Doctor Who Amy's Choice

When we talk about The Doctor, we’re usually talking about the tawdry quirks and a personality that exists on the exterior. That’s one of the things we love about Doctor Who, it’s a decades-old tale built around a character who, even after said decades of narrative, remains a mysterious intergalactic gunslinger with excellent taste in suits. But with “Amy’s Choice” we are seeing something new.



It’s been two weeks since I reviewed an episode of Doctor Who. It’s the slacker inside me that has taken over. However, that hasn’t stopped me from watching several episodes right alongside the other Whovians among you. It’s time to catch up.


Doctor Who

Everyone’s favorite Time Lord has come back. And he hasn’t just come back for the hell of it. He’s back with a sort of energy and with that will soon take Doctor Who to the next level.



Exactly does Steven Moffat have planned for his take on Doctor Who? Sitting down with him yesterday, I tried to get an idea of what surprises he might have in store for us, as well as exactly what time period it is that new companion Amy Pond hails from.



I have a review in the works of the Doctor Who premiere which will hit BBC America later this month. It’s already debuted in the UK and fans have already begun reacting. They are saying it’s sexier, and they’re right. The question is: why is that a bad thing?



There’s absolutely no reason for me to explain to you about how author Neil Gaiman is a great writer. His accolades are too numerous to count in one little news blurb. But lets say this: Gaiman is one of the most iconic and prolific science fiction and fantasy writers of the modern era. Also prolific is the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who, for which Gaiman will be writing an upcoming episode.



Calling all “Doctor Who” fans! The first big screen adventure for “Doctor Who” has become a glimmer on the horizon, a teeny glimmer, but a glimmer just the same.

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