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Trancendence Depp

You can tell how boring a movie year is by the state of new Halloween costume ideas each fall. At least in terms of memorable characters. When I walk into one of those seasonal pop-up shops and see the same superheroes year after year joined still, a decade after, by Napoleon Dynamite-style “nerd” package costumes, I worry that there isn’t enough fresh and popular movie iconography being entered into the history books of late. What is the 2014 film zeitgeist but more Spider-Man, Captain America, X-Men, Transformers and Hunger Games? New costumes are repeats of old, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (and even my old unlikely X-Men meet Forrest Gump and Smurfette ideas), or based on already familiar icons, like LEGO people. Frozen is new but familiar. Same with most of the characters in Guardians of the Galaxy, to a degree. If you want to go against the grain of the mainstream and easily recognized, though, here’s my 7th annual list of unique Halloween costume ideas based on recent movies. If you don’t mind explaining your outfit to everyone at the party or every homeowner you encounter while trick or treating, many of these are relatively obscure. Some of them may stump even your friends who regularly went to the movies over the past 12 months. Others might just seem unnecessarily different or inappropriate or just plain dumb. That’s why I always label them as being unlikely options.  As always, if you use any of them, you’re obligated to share photos with us. And let […]


Scott Derrickson making The Day the Earth Stood Still

While Marvel is still busy trying to find someone to make Ant-Man, they’re not wasting any time moving full-force forward on their next venture, Dr. Strange. Although talks are still early, Variety has confirmed that Scott Derrickson, director of many a horror great (plus the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still), will be the man to bring the next Marvel character to life. Stephen Strange is one of the odder Marvel entities, a former neurosurgeon (yeah, that title isn’t just for show) who became Sorcerer Supreme, protector of Earth against all things mystical and magical and fantastically evil. Have you seen his cape? You don’t get to wear something that grandiose just because you feel like it. It’s earned. The character first appeared in Marvel’s “Strange Tales” alongside the Human Torch in 1963, then he began his grand tour of becoming every college student’s favorite comic book character — nobody with a substantial amount of time on their hands and access to a few or maybe a lot of potent drugs in the 1960s was going to pass up reading about the adventures of a whimsical, cape-wearing sorcerer who leaps through surreal landscapes and surrounds himself in psychedelic visuals rife with Egyptian and Sumerian mythology. Like any Marvel property, the seeds for this one have long been planted. His place in line was asserted years ago as part of their mysterious, all-knowing, multi-phased plan for taking over the world mapping out their universe on film and television. It was just a matter of time before he officially showed up on […]


3-Days-to-Kill-Super Bowl

One thing you have to remember about movie trailers aired during the Super Bowl is they’re out to appeal to a very mainstream audience. Many of us watch the game solely for the commercials, but that doesn’t mean advertisers are targeting anyone interested in movies and their marketing more than they’re aiming for those mass American viewers interested in football, cheap beer, blockbuster-size entertainment and a few laughs. That means first looks at big summer movies concentrating on their explosions and other promise of spectacle. Not everyone follows movie news regularly, so this is the time when the rest of the country begins buzzing about this year’s major tentpoles, and whether that’s positive or negative buzz determines anticipation, and that might even make or break some titles down the line. Leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII, we present the teasers made available ahead of the game’s actual full-on spots. Join us after the game, though, for more of a ranking of which trailers worked and which didn’t. Additionally, you can find some neat movie- and TV-related ads down below, too.



There’s still a little over a week before Comic-Con unleashes all sorts of trailers, posters, and other goodies upon a horde of screaming fans, but Marvel has decided to whet fans’ appetite a little early with the first teaser poster for Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


Frank Grillo

If you have to top Hugo Weaving‘s fun turn as Red Skull, hiring a reliable actor like Frank Grillo isn’t such a bad idea. Rumors are Captain America: Winter Soldier is in search for an actor to play Crossbones, who is a powerless, skillfully violent soldier.  He also happens to have crossed paths with previous Cap baddie in the comics, Red Skull. Although we may see Crossbones in the sequel, we may not see Weaving’s Red Skull in Winter Soldier. At the Cloud Atlas press day Hugo Weaving — who’s terrific in the Wachowski and Tom Tykwer epic — didn’t sound very optimistic about returning as the sunburned villain, to put it kindly. Apparently his experience on Marvel’s best film wasn’t a pleasant experience for him. Sadly Weaving isn’t all that interested in having some campy fun as a performer anymore, which there is much to be had in the Cap universe Joe Johnston set up. Adding a talent like Grillo is a promising direction to go in. The Grey actor has the proper chops and look to provide the intimidation factor as, so let’s hope this rumor, based on a deleted tweet made by Grillo and a confirmation made by IGN UK, is more serious than all the other Marvel casting news we hear every week.

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