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It wouldn’t be crazy to have the opinion that The Blair Witch Project already did about everything we need a found footage movie about people stumbling around in the woods looking for a legend to do. Heck, it wouldn’t be crazy to be of the opinion that the world doesn’t need another found footage horror movie of any kind, ever again, because of how thoroughly saturated we’ve been with them over the last decade or so. No, thinking this way wouldn’t be crazy at all, so its understandable that some people might feel a reluctance to watch a trailer for a new found footage movie about the search for Bigfoot. But Willow Creek has a great argument to make for its existence, even though it’s another movie about people stumbling around in the woods scared, and even though its subject is as ridiculous and non-terrifying as the mythical Sasquatch. Said argument is that it’s the latest film from director of challenging and rewarding films World’s Greatest Dad and God Bless America, Bobcat Goldthwait, which instantly makes it of interest.



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly entertainment news column returning from the long weekend with but a few items, all of which are like to make you quite happy. In fairness, they make me happy. I can’t say much for the rest of you, but I’ve got a good feeling about it. We begin this evening with another shot from The Dark Knight Rises. (I wonder if Catwoman still knows how deadly a kiss can be.) A number of websites have begun publishing tales of a visit they made to the set of Christopher Nolan’s latest last year. None of the individual accounts are worth your attention, but the folks at ScreenRant have made use of them, pulling out the best of the best for a Dark Knight Rises set visit round-up. Finally, something useful for the reader!


SXSW: God Bless America

Editor’s Note: This originally ran as part of our SXSW 2012 coverage, but God Bless America sees limited theaters this weekend. Should you check it out? “Jesus Frank, you look like fuck pie.” As we meet Frank, a lonely, recently unemployed man soaked in discontent for a society gone awry, it’s clear that no more clear a portait of his current state could be painted than the words spoken by his 16-year-old companion, a troubled girl named Roxie. In a country filled with appalling reality television, fear-mongering telepundits and a nation whose prime directive is to be as hopelessly mean to each other as possible, Frank has had enough. Unable to connect with an oblivious ex-wife and his spoiled rotten 7-year old daughter, and saddled with the news that his migraine headache affliction may, in fact, be a massive brain tumor, Frank sets out to do something noble — shoot a reality TV princess. That’s where he meets Roxie, an onlooker to the murder of a girl who represents all the seething awful that bad upper middle class parenting can create. A  troubled young girl who would become the Bonnie to his Clyde, an inspiration for a killing spree that spans all levels of America’s rotten culture. From religious nutjobs to the devotees of an American Idol-esque competition show, no one will escape the wrath of a desperate man and his frighteningly over-zealous sidekick.



If you say bro, give high fives, call your boobs “the girls,” or talk like Juno, writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait will shoot you in the face…or at least his sad, funny, and sweet leads will, Frank and Roxy. Underneath the dark concept and inherent sadness of God Bless America, there’s a well-intentioned message most of us can all get behind: just act nice. Frank (Joel Murray) and Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr) go on a killing spree, taking out the scum of the world. They see the annoying people they murder as selfish, as they indulge in extremely selfish wish-fulfillment acts. Haven’t we all dreamed about taking out the daily annoyances and unbearable people in our lives? Bobcat Goldthwait shows how sad carrying out that fantasy is, and the same goes for how funny it can be. Here’s what Bobcat Goldhwait had to say about long rants, when violence and sweetness come together, and how shitty nerds are:


God Bless

MTV, TMZ, The Real Housewives of Whereever, Dancing With the Whoever…modern pop culture is a wasteland of broken people being made famous for little other than the willingness to humiliate themselves. But the bigger problem is, more and more we’re viewing what the people involved in these projects do not as humiliation, but as “living the dream.” If you’re one of the good ones who thinks that the current cultural milieu in the United States is poisonous and is creating a society of vain, ignorant, entitled freaks…well, then director Bobcat Goldthwait has a cathartic expression of violence in store for you. Goldthwait’s latest film, God Bless America, is about a man who gets pushed to the brink and responds by going on a murderous rampage where he systematically mows down all of pop culture’s most vile, vapid icons (with some collateral damage involving rude, selfish, everyday behavior along the way). Check out the film’s red band trailer after the break.



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s nothing more than a nightly film news column that keeps fighting the good fight. The one that celebrates movies, good, bad and otherwise interesting, and is generally optimistic. It doesn’t attack other websites that smear its name. Though if /Film’s Page 2 keeps mean-mugging it, that bitch is gonna get smacked. That’s how we settle things in the streets. As you are about to see, this week’s final News After Dark edition comes on a very slow news night. So it’s all posters, future Blu-rays and articles I found interesting. Including this AV Club Q&A about first R-rated movies. Like AV’s Josh Modell, I’m fairly certain — almost completely certain — that my first R-rated film was The Blues Brothers, a film that has remained part of my beating, movie-loving heart ever since. What was your first R-rated movie? Feel free to let me know in the comment area below and we’ll have some fun discussing. Or not, whatever. I see how it is.



Last week the programmers for this year’s Toronto International Film Festival introduced the main course of this year’s festival lineup, fifty-three films from all over the world, big and small, about any number of subjects. The list was so impressive I ran out and booked a hotel room. So, now that I’m financially locked in to heading up to the city of David Cronenberg and that rapper who called himself SNOW, I’ll be following future announcements by the festival pretty closely. Today brought a big one. Adding to their initial lineup of films, TIFF has added a bunch of documentary works by fairly large documentary filmmakers and a bunch of genre works from fairly deranged genre filmmakers. First let’s take a look at some of the docs. Thom Powers is the lead programmer for documentaries, and about this year’s lineup he said, “I’m thrilled at the large number of veteran filmmakers who have brought us new works this year. The line-up contains a wide range of memorable characters – crusaders, convicts, artists, athletes, nude dancers, comic book fans, dog lovers and more. Not to mention the epic 15-hour Story of Film. These documentaries will have audiences discussing and debating for months to come.” I don’t think I’ll have time for that fifteen hour one, I’ve only got five days in the city, but the one about nude dancers is definitely on my docket.



With Boondock Saints, it was heavy gang members. That made sense. We were all afraid of organized crime back then, just like in the 70s when it was Charles Bronson taking some vigilante justice in a way the police refused to. So who do we fear now? Who are the police too afraid of to confront? Bobcat Goldthwait has figured it out: those tiara-wearing non-princesses on My Super Sweet 16 who get Kanye West to sing at their birthday pre-party. According to the World’s Greatest Dad director, God Bless America will focus on a man who’s watching an episode of the MTV program, goes a little Falling Down in the head, and drives 400 miles to kill the girl from the show. This eventually snowballs into more killings, and he gets a sidekick to help carry the bodies. It all sounds like more subversive quality from a dark comedic mind. If this announcement made you feel bad for feeling violent toward teenage girls, Goldthwait has already done half his job. [Cinema Blend]



In the immediate wake of high-school graduation from Generic High-School Hoops McCann, an aspiring cartoon artist, is searching for a subject for his love story. Believing he’ll never find inspiration in Generic he decides to take his best friend up on his offer to spend the summer in Nantucket. On their way to the island Hoops helps save a small-time musician, Cassandra, from some motorcycle thugs and begins a friendship that soon develops into a romance. When his new summer love interest’s home gets threatened by a rich family looking to expand their estate Hoops, along with his newfound nerd compatriots on the island, come up with a plan to save Cassandra’s home and exact revenge on their tormentors.

While probably not as well known as writer/director “Savage” Steve Holland’s other ‘80s teen comedy Better Off Dead I will be bold and state that this follow up is funnier. It makes me laugh harder. Better Off Dead is one of the most imaginative teen comedies ever and holds up extremely well to repeat viewings without ever losing any of its potency, but if I’m going to pick one off my dvd shelf to watch seven times out of ten I’ll grab One Crazy Summer for one simple reason. Better Off Dead does not have Bobcat Goldthwait anywhere in the movie whereas One Crazy Summer has him almost everywhere in the movie, and if he’s in the scene at all that scene will be funny – and I will laugh until I feel like I’m about to throw up. He invokes involuntary bulimia in me.



World’s Greatest Dad, the latest film from director Bobcat Goldthwait — and one of my favorite films of the year so far — is hitting theaters this Friday in select markets and expanding in coming weeks. And in honor of the release, the folks over at Magnolia Pictures have hooked us up with some sweet goodies to pass on to some of our favorite readers.



Rejoice in another fantastic Reject Interview! As you can imagine, when discussing a movie of this emotional weight and dramatic consequence, we end up discussing Robin Williams’s penis for most of the piece.



The folks behind the upcoming release of World’s Greatest Dad, the Robin Williams led dark comedy from director Bobcat Goldthwait, have sent over a brand new behind the scenes featurette in which the director walks us through the making of this dark, foul-mouthed comedy.



Today brings us the first red band trailer for the Robin Williams led comedy World’s Greatest Dad, easily this year’s best entry into the Sundance Film Festival. Click and behold the hilarity.



Seemingly out of nowhere comes one of the most divisive and twisted comedies since Heathers. In Bobcat Goldthwait’s second directorial effort there is no limit to the darkness and consequently, no limit to the laughs to be had.

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