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Welcome to FSR’s Official Guide to Indiana Jones!

Very few movie characters in history have become as iconic and recognizable as Henry Walton Jones, Jr., Ph.D. You know him as Indiana Jones, or more simply: Indy. In 1981, with the help of writers George Lucas, Philip Kaufman and Lawrence Kasdan, director Steven Spielberg brought this character to life for the first time in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Though actor Harrison Ford was Spielberg’s first choice for the role, it was Tom Selleck who was originally offered the part based on the will of George Lucas. But when Selleck was lost to take his role on the show “Magnum, P.I.”, Spielberg got his man and the world got one of it’s favorite heroes, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

Since that fateful casting choice, Indiana Jones has gone on to become one of the most iconic heroes in American cinema. With his trademark bullwhip, fedora, leather jacket and fear of snakes, Jones has appeared in three films (soon to be four), a television series (“The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”) and two theme parks, as well as a host of video games, merchandise, novels and even comic books. For the past 27 years, Indiana Jones has been “the man” to fans around the world. And now, after 18 years of absense from the silver screen, he makes his triumphant return in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

To celebrate this awesome event, we at Film School Rejects have prepared our “Official Guide to Indiana Jones” — a one-stop-shop for all things Indy, including a look back at the Legacy of Dr. Jones, an in-depth preview of the upcoming film and some fun, interactive features that are sure to keep you busy as you anxiously await May 22nd, a day that marks the return of one of cinema’s most notable archaeologists and favorite adventurers: The one and only Indiana Jones.

So take a few moments, browse through the featured links below and enjoy!

A Look Back: Raiders of the Lost Ark
We take a look back at the film that started it all. Released in 1981, Raiders saw Indiana Jones and his feisty former love Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) attempt to fend of the Nazis and uncover the Lost Ark of the Covenant.

A Look Back: Temple of Doom
The prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom saw the return of star Harrison Ford to the role of Indiana Jones in 1984. It also introduced us to Jones’ handy sidekick Short Round (Jonathan Ke Quan) and featured a dark tone that would ultimately usher in the PG-13 rating.

A Look Back: The Last Crusade
Released in 1989, the final film of the original trilogy, The Last Crusade introduced us to Indiana Jones’ father Henry (played by Sean Connery), who disappears while pursuing a life-long search for the Holy Grail. Indiana must retrace his fathers steps in hopes of rescuing him from the Nazi war machine.

Indiana Jones: Breaking Down the Legacy
Our resident Indiana Jones fanatic (and one of our only writers to be alive for all 3 of the original films) Kevin Carr takes a look back at the legacy of Indiana Jones. What made him so special? How did he gain such an impressive fan following? All this and more will be answered.

Indiana Jones: Mapping Out the Trilogy
We literally have a chart that breaks down all of the key elements from the first three movies. It is, to say the least, impressive.

The Ten Most Memorable Indiana Jones Moments
This wouldn’t be a great FSR feature if we didn’t have some kind of Top Ten list, so we’ve decided to include two awesome ones. The first is a look back at our ten favorite moments from the Indiana Jones series so far…
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Movie Review
After all this time, this long wait between the release of The Last Crusade and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, we know that the real question that burns within you is this: Will this new Indiana Jones movie live up to the hype? Our experts have seen the film early and we put their knowledge to the test to deliver unto you the best Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull analysis on the web.

Sound Off: What Did You Think of Indiana Jones 4?
On Thursday May 22nd we will be launching our official talkback post where you can weigh in on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This will include a user poll where you can give the film your own grade, as well as lay down your own mini-review in our Sound Off section!

Official Synopsis and Production Notes
We have assembled the official Indiana Jones plot synopsis as well as some very in-depth production notes. For anyone looking to go inside the production, this is your chance.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Images
All the Indy images you could ever want…

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Production Diaries
Our friends at Paramount Pictures have hooked us up with a bunch of cool Indiana Jones webisodes that take you behind the scenes and deep into the world of Indiana Jones. See what happened on the first day of shooting, see what Steven Spielberg has to say about the Indy legacy and hang with newcomer Shia LaBeouf on set!

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Trailers and Videos
Think you’ve seen enough Indiana Jones videos over the past few months? We didn’t think so. And since you haven’t had enough, we have compiled even more videos then ever all in one place!

Indy Marketing: Attack of the Billboards
The area surrounding Los Angeles is generally a haven for film marketing. Studios take over any space upon which they can lay there hands, including the sides of buildings and the floors of subway depots. For Indiana Jones’ fourth installment, Paramount has taken to the billboards. And as our Kevin Kelly points out, they seem to be everywhere.

Indy Marketing: A Candy Bar Adventure
Kevin Kelly takes us into a world where Indiana Jones has invaded that which we love the most, our sweets. If you’ve taken a trip to your local grocer lately, you may have noticed that Mars candies have been taken over by Indiana Jones. Snickers bars, M&Ms and more. Mmmm…
Win a Free Copy of the Indiana Jones Trilogy on DVD!
What would a big FSR feature be without a cool giveaway, right? We’ve scored a few copies of the Indiana Jones Adventure Collection, featuring the re-released versions of the first 3 films. And we are going to give them away to three lucky readers!

Ten Real Artifacts that We Think Indiana Jones Could Find
Our second top ten list of the week is all about real artifacts that could help the Indiana Jones series live on for another few decades. And whether it’s Harrison Ford or Shia LaBeouf going after them, it sure would be nice to see the Jones legacy live on. (Coming Soon)

Officially Cool: Indiana Jones Week
Our Officially Cool expert Brian Gibson has assembled an entire week’s worth of cool Indiana Jones stuff to get your in the mood for the Thursday release of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Get your American Express card ready, because these gadgets and gizmos are all must-haves!

Visit Indiana Jones.com
We would like to think that we’ve given you the most comprehensive look at the world of Indiana Jones possible, but we doubt that we could ever get it all. Thankfully, LucasFilm keeps even more information on the Official Indiana Jones website. So if you are a real die-hard Indy fan, we recommend you stop over there and take a look around.