Scholars of The Living Dead?

Harvard Zombies

Zombies go to Harvard?

With all of the zombie horror films and comedies out there that combine the living dead with everything from strippers (Zombie Strippers, 2008) to prom (Zombie Prom, 2006), beach parties (Zombie Beach Party, 2003) to the cold reaches of space (Space Zombie Bingo, 1993), never have zombies been brought together with something less intuitive as the illustrious Harvard University. But that’s just what Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit’s latest horror spec script, The Harvard Zombie Massacre, does.

Warren Zide (the producer behind the American Pie franchise, which would seem to place this zombie film in the comedy category) recently snapped up Hernandez and Samit’s script, which will be produced under his production company, Parallel Zide, with Ryan Lewis executive producing. Although little to no information has been released regarding this film (it doesn’t even have a page on yet), shooting is rumored to be scheduled to begin early next year. None of the film’s cast members—if there are any—have been announced.

Other than who will appear in The Harvard Zombie Massacre, the big question remains is whether Zide’s zombies will be the traditional, slow-moving zombies of the classic zombie movies—reanimated corpses –or if they will be the more recently popular virus-induced, fast-moving “zombies” that defy tradition and smack of U.S. anxieties over chemical warfare.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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