Zombie Chicks! — Strippers and Chickens are Living Dead

Zombie Strippers and Zombie Chicks

This is both exactly what you think it is and something completely ironic! Today we bring to you the trailers of perhaps the two most ground breaking films of all time. In one fell genre swoop Hollywood is single handedly going to advance both the women’s movement and the campaign to end animal cruelty. We present to you, for your careful consideration, the trailers for Zombie Strippers and Poultrygeist.

You got that right!

Zombie Strippers, which will assuredly let us down, sounds like it may be the most awesome film of all time. In small town Nebraska, a military secret starts turning all the ladies into zombies. And it just so happens that the towns hottest nightspot is ground zero! “What seems to be the problem doc?” “Believe it or not, Zombies.” Take a look at this trailer and spot familar faces Jenna Jameson (mmmm) and Robert Englund. The plot and title promises to deliver us lots of blood and boobs and I for one will stage a riot if they are not delivered to me!

They’re good girls.”

“They’re zombies!”

No, they’re strippers.”

They’re zombie strippers.

Can you ask for anything more than dialog like this and living dead girl lap dances? I contend that you can’t.

Warning: The Following Trailer is Redband, meaning that it is intended for mature audiences only.

Poultrygeist is the next offering from the studio that brought you The Toxic Avenger, Troma. This could be a non-stop joke, but after watching the “violent trailer” for this film, sweet baby Jesus I am going to see this film! In the trailer, no less than two individuals have things inserted into their asses and no less than three people lose their faces. “I know it’s fattening, but I love the skin!”

This flick follows the mayhem that erupts at a local fast food kitchen joint called American Chicken Bunker when an ancient Native American burial site is desecrated and all hell breaks loose in the form of zombie chicken transformations and all sorts of weirdness. While watching the trailer, be sure to spot director and Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman wielding an M16, nice!

If you have any doubts about this movie, don’t. Lloyd Kaufman, director, graduated from Yale University where he attended with George Bush, our current president. Kaufman went on to make several pornos before getting involved in the horror business.

This summer is going to be the summer of Zombie Chicks and Zombie Coc- what? I mean the chicken kind! Ha. Anyway, its nice to see some of these creative and genre pleasing flicks coming out, even if it’s basically just straight to DVD. Horror has a nice niche market and it feels great to be catered to at times with ultra violent horror-comedies and blatant boob and gore fare. I’m completely serious when I say I’m going to watch both of these and I will be more than happy to review them for you good people! So stay tuned.

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