Zoe Saldana Avatar Poster Looks Cool, Real or Not


Sent over by faithful FSR reader Jerrod, this brand new poster for Avatar, the next bit of work from director James Cameron, sure does look interesting. It looks very similar to the recently released official photo of Sam Worthington blu’d up as one of the mysterious alien Na’vi, but is certainly different. This one, as we are told, is of the Na’vi version of Zoe Saldana. Her character Neytiri is an actual member of the Na’vi race, not an avatar created by the human military.

The latest rumble on this poster is that it might be a fake – but if that’s the case, color me impressed. That would make it one hell of a fake. I will allow you to decide for yourselves and fight it out in the comment section below.

Avatar is in theaters December 18, 2009. For more, check out our Comic-Con Footage Breakdown.


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