Zack Snyder Reveals the Road Map for the 300 Sequel/Prequel

300 Sequel Plot Revealed

Since the release of 300 in 2006, fans have been enamored with director Zack Snyder’s ability to translate the style of Frank Miller to the cinematic medium. In fact, for a while now we have been talking about the possibility of a sequel/prequel to the film, and all the while Zack Snyder has left the door open. And last night, after unveiling some mind-blowing footage from Watchmen, his next big comic adaptation, Snyder was cornered by IESB’s Robert Sanchez, who finally got the scoop on what is happening in Sparta:

Snyder says he’s spoken with Frank Miller who will be writing and drawing the graphic novel that the second film will be based on. Upon Miller’s completion of the book, then, and only then, will they delve into writing a script for the movie. Snyder continued and said he would not have any input into the novel and wants it to be a creation of Miller’s 100%.

Snyder also said it will take place between the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Plataea, the battle that narrator Dilios is at while re-telling the story of King Leonidas and the mighty Spartans to a new group of warriors at the end of 300.

As you may have deduced, this direction in story means that King Leonidas is done for, which is to be expected. Gerard Butler has said on a few occasions that him coming back is not certain. It is also good to see that Frank Miller will be the catalyst for the story — I would hate to see them try to branch of from what Miller has written without his involvement. And for Frank, it will be good to see him go back to generating comic material — the way things are going with The Spirit, I think that he might just realize once and for all that directing might not be for him.

Either way, I see this as good news, though I would love to see Zack Snyder pursue the Rainbow Six movie adaptation that he and I discussed all the way back in 2006.

What are your thoughts on the 300 sequel idea?

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