Zach Braff Destroys Promising Directing Career With ‘Swingles’


Garden State is an inexplicably divisive movie.  Zach Braff‘s directorial debut is funny, introspective, odd, beautiful at times, set to a fantastic soundtrack, and stars the always fascinating Peter Sarsgaard and the always delicious Natalie Portman alongside Braff himself.  It’s far from perfect but still a great, little movie.  And yet there are haters who dump on it for being too “cute, quirky, and cool.”  Idiots.  Garden State is a solid debut that showed great promise from Braff as a writer/director… promise he may be about to squander.

Variety reports that Braff is in negotiations to direct and star in the new comedy Swingles.  He would also rewrite the script about a man who gets dumped by his wing-man and is forced to team up with a woman he hates in order to meet new ladies.  Besides making no goddamn sense it seems fairly obvious at even this early stage that the two main characters will end up together.  To make matters worse the wing-woman will be played by Cameron Diaz.  Ugh.

I wish Braff would revisit his plans to bring Fletch back to the big screen.

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