Z for Zachariah Trailer: If Margot Robbie Was the Last Woman on Earth

Imagine thinking you’re the last person on Earth, wandering around the countryside in your hazmat suit, only to stumble upon Margot Robbie. She’s only one of the most beautiful women on the planet when she’s among seven billion. As the last woman in existence, she seems like a miracle. You need to repopulate the world, so she could be anyone, but what luck! Not that you, as Chiwetel Ejiofor are too shabby yourself. But you’re no Chris Pine. Oh crap, he’s still alive, too.

And that’s the set up for the post-apocalyptic love triangle at the center of Craig Zobel’s latest, Z for Zachariah. This is the filmmaker’s follow-up to his brilliantly uncomfortable Compliance, and here he seems to be playing with more difficult social situations. The logical step would be for the trio to get along and work out how this is a good thing for the sake of humanity. But men are jealous creatures. I’m just going to assume that to make a point, everyone dies in the end. Or at least the one woman.

FSR boss Neil Miller caught the movie at Sundance this year and wrote a brief, favorable review on Letterboxd:

Robbie and Ejiofor deliver quality performances in this complexly emotional, crafty post-apocalyptic three way romance and hydro-electric innovation thriller. The title still doesn’t make sense to me, but the movie is pretty good.

Our friend Ed Douglas was even more positive at ComingSoon.net:

It’s clear how much Zobel has grown as a filmmaker, creating such a lovely film with a much larger scope than his previous films, while still maintaining the tight and enclosed character dynamics that worked so well in his earlier work. The breathtaking New Zealand setting which doubles as the American South, as captured by David Gordon Green’s regular cinematographer Tim Orr, really adds to creating that scale.

Z for Zachariah opens on August 21st.

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