Yvonne Strahovski to Play Gifted Lady Scientist in ‘I, Frankenstein’

By  · Published on November 18th, 2011

Yesterday, our own Cole Abaius reported on the possibility of Bill Nighy joining Stuart Beattie’s I, Frankenstein as a demon, but before we get official word of Nighy going evil, Deadline Manchester reports that Yvonne Strahovski has signed on to play the female lead and principal love interest in the film. Best known for her work on television series Chuck, the role will continue Strahovski’s steady slip into more feature work (she recently co-starred in Killer Elite).

Beattie wrote the script for the modern take on the Frankenstein’s monster tale, working off a graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux. Aaron Eckhart is on board to play the monster (which any nerd worth their salt knows is not actually named Frankenstein, that name comes from the monster’s creator Dr. Victor Frankenstein, so I am at a bit of a loss when it comes to the name of this project), who wavers between his more hideous needs and a burning desire to be truly human. As if that wasn’t enough to make a monster go positively batty, he’s also being “pursued by demons wanting to gain the secret of his reanimated corpse.” Also? Those demons want to create an army of the undead. And I thought Mary Shelley’s novel had enough issues to keep the staggering one busy.

Strahvoski’s role is reportedly that of “a beautiful and gifted scientist” who happens to be working on something near and dear to the monster’s heart (or, um, whoever’s else heart he’s got these days) ‐ reanimating the dead. Unfortunately, she gets roped into working for those awful demons. This all sounds like it will provide just the right amount of conflict (clinically and emotionally) for the monstrous Eckhart. [THR]