You’re Right, This News Make No Sense: ‘Insidious’ Director Could Helm ‘MacGyver’ Feature

By  · Published on November 12th, 2012

While we’re all busy dreaming of a new MacGruber movie, New Line has gone ahead and started to put together the pieces of their new MacGyver feature like so many bits of paper clip, string, tiny plastic animal figurines, and un-popped (but still lusciously buttery!) popcorn kernels. According to Variety, the studio is currently in talks with director James Wan to take on helming duties and – wait, what? James Wan? Like Saw James Wan? Insidious James Wan? What kind of MacGyver flick is this?

Well, despite Wan’s decidedly horror-flavored resume, let’s get real, a MacGyver feature is not going to be scary (at least, not in the Saw sense). Beyond that, we don’t know much about this new take on the classic ’80s television series, other than that its script was given a first draft from Jason Richman with a recent pass by Brian and Mark Gunn. Variety also helpfully adds that star Richard Dean Anderson’s involvement is “not known.”

The outlet also provides some clues as to why New Line would pick Wan to direct the film: he’s reportedly a “go-to guy” for the studio, thanks to “through the roof” test screenings for their latest film together (The Conjuring) and his reputation as “a frugal filmmaker.” Hey, MacGyver was nothing if he was not frugal, so that’s something.