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Your Wish is Granted, Junkfood Cinema Unearths the Film You Forgot You Love!

By  · Published on April 1st, 2017

A Lost Classic Reviewed in This Bonus Podcast Episode!

For over three years now, Junkfood Cinema has been Film School Rejects’ premier b-movie podcast. We examine the cheesiest, greasiest, most nutritionally devoid film snacks, but snacks we genuinely love devouring.

Every so often however we also highlight flat-out great films they have not gotten their fair shake. This cinema archeology can occasionally yield immeasurably significant finds. Case in point, this beloved, but strangely totally forgotten comedy from 1994.

Joined by writer/TV personality Jason Murphy, in addition to this week’s main episode on Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, we recorded this bonus episode on a classic supernatural romp. Want to take a trip down the foggiest stretch of Memory Lane? Your wish is our command.

As a special treat, anyone who backs JFC on Patreon will have access to a weekly bonus episodes covering an additional cult movie, a new movie in theaters, or a mailbag episode devoted to your submitted questions! Have a couple bucks to throw in the hat, we’ll reward you!

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