‘Your Sister’s Sister’ Trailer Features Mark Duplass Getting Down With Emily Blunt’s Sister

There are a good number of reasons to get excited for Your Sister’s Sister, not the least of which is that our own Robert Levin saw it at Sundance and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. The biggest reason to get excited today, however, is the release of the film’s trailer. Taking place in the gorgeous scenery of the Pacific Northwest, Your Sister’s Sister tells the tale of a depressed gent (Mark Duplass) who gets sent away by his best friend (Emily Blunt) to her family’s island cabin. Hijinx ensue when Blunt’s equally depressed sister (Rosemarie DeWitt) is unexpectedly already at said cabin, and some drunken sexy time commences. Drama ensues when Blunt shows up the next day, also unexpectedly, and everyone has to work through a tangled web of complex interpersonal relationships and suppressed feelings.

Just based on the lovely landscapes and the charismatic cast, Your Sister’s Sister already looks like a sure bet. But when you factor in its director, Lynn Shelton, things start to look especially promising. Shelton is best known for her 2009 film Humpday, which also starred Duplass, and which became one of the standout pictures of all that mumblecore hype that was hitting a few years ago. In a sea of low budget, naval-gazing, kind of boring independent films, Humpday was well acted, legitimately funny, and managed to tell a touching story despite a silly premise (that of two straight friends trying to make a porn video together).

If she’s able to continue the momentum she started there with Your Sister’s Sister, then it’s safe to say we’re all in for a treat come its release date of June 15th.

And if she somehow manages to screw it up, we’ve still got Duplass and Blunt to crush on while we watch. Swoon. [Yahoo! Movies]

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